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**Weekend 2nd Tri**

Morning, Happy Weekend!

Early start for me today so I thought I'd start us off. We have a house viewing this morning, and then I have some bits for work to do that I didn't finish during the week.

Had my GTT yesterday. It really wasn't too bad. If I haven't heard from them by the middle of next week then I can assume that all is fine.

Wishing everyone a fab Saturday, I'll come back later to catch up x


  • Morning Fig, sending lots of vibes for a positive house viewing - really hope it's the one for you. Glad your GTT was ok and have everything crossed all is fine :-)

    Well, O keeps rising early this week due to a mix of pesky last molar taking an age to come through and noisy neighbours going out early to work...he surpassed himself with a 4.35am today though! I've literally had no more than 4hrs sleep and am supposed to be on late shift at work tonight until 10pm *weep*. Hoping to at least get a lay in tomorrow! Otherwise just packing and exciting hobs like defrosting freezers this weekend...rock n roll!

    Have a good one all xx

  • Morning!

    Fig - hope the house viewing goes well. Glad the GTT wasn't so bad.

    Coco - poor you and O :( Hope work is ok and you get your lie in tomorrow.

    AFM - I was going to pop on after work yesterday, but I had such a bad day I would have dragged the thread down with my moaning. I bawled on H when he got home between shifts from work :( However, I've had a good rest and feeling better this morning. I officially finish work on May 21st and am taking my annual leave before maternity leave starts on 28th June. Counting down the weeks!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  • Good morning!

    Fig so much good luck and housey vibes are being sent your way. I really hope this is the one for you. Glad the gtt wasn't too bad.

    Coco booo to the early mornings and especially today, that's still night time really! Any chance of a nap later before work? I hope I'd teeth are through soon so you can get back to normal.

    Ixia sorry you had a rough day, don't ever worry about talking to us about it though. That's what we're here for.  21st of May is no time away! Eeeek!

    AFM- had a lovely day with my mum. Bought don't baby bits and I collected my changing bag that I'd ordered from john lewis. I went for the pacapod "Oban" in elephant or grey! It's lovejy, I'm so happy with it.

    I've just ordered my baby monitor too as Amazon have got a sale on, got a good deal so I'm happy about it.

    Today I'm seeing C off as he's away to London with work, then we might go out for afternoon tea. Or maybe just a leisurely lunch somewhere.

    I hope everyone has a nice day ahead.

  • Fig, hope all goes well with the house viewing. Glad the test was ok, fingers crossed for good news for the results.

    Coco, how rubbish to have so little sleep. I hope you manage to catch up on some later.

    Ixia, sorry about work bring pap. Exciting that you now can plan towards going on maternity though.

    Imp, sounds like you had a lovely day with your mum and successful shopping trip.

    AFM I have just had the best news ever. My oldest friend, (we met on our first day of primary school) is pregnant! I am over the moon, I cried when she told me. They've had a really tough time, been trying for years and had several failed IVFs, so they are so happy to be there eventually. I was so worried about telling her when I was pregnant, little did I know she was too!! She is 4 weeks behind me. Our birthdays are a week apart, and our babies will be born close together too. It's so wonderful to share this with her. I'm all tearful again just thinking of it.

  • Happy weekend all xxx

    Fig - Blurgh to early starts, especially on a Saturday.  Its for a good cause though.  Really hope you like the house. Glad the GTT went ok yesterday.

    Coco - hope you survive today ok on the little amount of sleep you got.  Happy packing too!!!

    Ixia - woohoo to having a count down from work.  Hope you are feeling a bit better today.  Its good to let it all out sometimes.

    Imp - yay for all the baby purchases!!!!  Hope you have a lovely day with your mum.  A nice leisurely lunch sounds perfect.  Have fun!!!

    RC - I'm delighted for your friend.  Its so lovely when you see someone who has had such a rough time get some happy news.  Lovely that you are both so close and your babies will be too.

    AFM - I've been going a bit mad buying baby stuff the last few days.  Don't tell OH!!!!!  I guess I've kinda scared myself with how little time I've really got left plus I'm a planner and organiser as a person so I'm not really a 'leave it all to the last minute' kinda gal.  Therefore, I want to be pretty much sorted by mid-June at the latest.  I'm well on my way though.  My list is getting shorter all the time.  Once I'm back from holiday I really will be in full baby mode and the first thing to get done with be paint the spare room then I can start getting all the bits and pieces built and organised.

    When does 3rd Tri actually start???  My app says that I'm 3rd tri but I thought it wasn't until 27 or 28 weeks??  I'm confused.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday xxx

  • Evening all, thank God it's the weekend!!

    Fig - hope the test results come back ok. How was the house viewing?

    Coco - hope you get a lie in tomorrow, and that O is feeling a bit better. Was work ok?

    Ixia - sorry work is pants, but mid May will come round sooner than you know it. I hope it does as I am on hols in early June.

    Imp - sounds like a lovely day - how long is C away for? Good work on the changing bag and monitor.

    Raincloud - that's so lovely! Hope all goes well for your friend and how lovely that your babies can be friends too.

    CA -love that you've been buying lots of stuff. I thought 3rd tri was 28 weeks but I'm a bit of a noob.

    AFM - so glad it's the weekend, horrid week at work, and I was shattered last night. I did pick up my Doppler from the guy I bought it from off eBay, and managed to find baby's HB (took ages!) so that made it OK. Found it again tonight much quicker, so think I have a rough idea of where bubble likes to hang out, Just chilling with H tonight and then over to Mum and Dad's tomorrow. Got my 16 week check on Thursday but not much else to report PG wise,

    Enjoy the weekend folks, will try and get on again tomorrow

  • Happy Mother's Day ladies :)

    Coco, hope you managed to get your lie in today. Good luck with the packing and defrosting!

    Ixia, sorry you had such a rubbish day at work. You can always moan here though, it's what we're for! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    Imp, woohoo for changing bag and baby monitor! I'm so pleased that you're having such a nice time with your mum :) Yesterday was really sunny in London, wishing C a nice trip!

    RC, I'm absolutely thrilled for your friend, what wonderful news!! It's so perfect that you're going through this together and that your children will grow up together. Ahh it's just lovely :)

    CA, hurrah for shopping! Just make sure you hide those receipts from your H ;) Lol! Glad your list is getting shorter, you'll easily be sorted by mid-June :)

    Gavi, sorry you've had a rubbish week, hope your weekend is much nicer. Hurrah for your Doppler, which one did you go for? I love mine, it's the best thing I've bought! So lovely that you managed to find Bubble's HB, it's the best sound!

    AFM, thanks for all the good luck wishes for the house :) We put in an offer on the house and then quickly raised our offer to the asking price as we weren't the only ones to place an offer yesterday. Just waiting to see now. I've got work today that I didn't finish last week boo! Just a few word docs so hopefully if I plough on they won't take too long.

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