2012 catch up?

it's aaaages since I've been on here so I thought it might be nice to come back with a catch up thread? How are my lovely trimester buddies and those that followed us?

Rosa is now 18 months old and is a total diva. Every other word is NO (alternating with BAA, which apparently is what sheep, dogs and other random animals say). She is obsessed with Big Barn Farm, fruit flakes, her wellies, being upside down, 'reading' books and eating cherry tomatoes. She chats away constantly and seems to learn several new words every day (recent highlights include hamster and blueberry).

I've realised she needs a bit more positive attention as the poor love tends to be left to get on with things (she is Little Miss Independent so it's not too much of a hardship!) and she only really gets my full attention when she's naughty - but that does tend to be pretty often...

She has almost all of her teeth (brewing back molars at the moment) and isn't afraid to use them - she has taken to biting as an extreme form of kissing, which hasn't gone down well with her sister!

And here are some pics of my 'baby':



  • Gorgeous girl!

    Isaac is 19 months Eek and whilst he's great, he's bloody hard work lol, like you I have found that he needs positive attention too and since L has been going to school all day he seems to be getting more 1:1 with me and is doing well from it.

    We have a lot of words but pronunciation isn't 100% so whilst you know what most of it is, some is a mystery Laugh. So we have gee for tree but he says owl and tortoise beautifully, Lucas is gugas but our cm is Debbie, pronounced beautifully. Every cat is called abbey because the cms cat is abbey, every baby is 'awwwww, baybee, shhhhh' complete with finger over mouth Laugh

    He LOVES his cars and anything with wheels and is a big happy land fan too, he 'reads', even though he's very rough and tumble he will hold back and size up a situation before running in head first iyswim, he adores L and runs up to cuddle him, when its bed time he runs into Ls room and 'hides' (you can totally see him) so he can be with L.

    Food wise, he's independant with an open cup and fork and spoon, although when out and about he still has his closed cup as there's potential for disaster! He still

    Loves his grub, and his new phrase this week is 'snack time guys' (the cm txt me as she thought it was hilarious that he marched into the kitchen saying it'.  O and he can say his name 'I dik' Weep

    Will post pics in a mo

  • Meant to say he's a biter too Weep normally just me or h and when there is teeth coming in, he almost has them all so I'm

    Praying it stops. O and the tantrums have started! His face goes a lovely beetroot colour  and he screams in frustration! Joy!

  • R and I are gorgeous. So grown up - how did that happen?!

    Evie is 16 months old now. She's at a kind of funny stage where she's definitely not a baby any more (sob!), but isn't quite a toddler yet. Starting to get the toddler frustration and temper though!

    She's not walking yet, but is cruising around furniture and stands up by herself.  She's quite a little thing compared to her friends, but loves her food. Especially if it's raspberries or cooked red onion. Her favourite word is chair (used in context for some happyland fairy chairs). She 'talks' all the time, but her only other proper words are Dada and quite a few animal sounds, especially miaow as we have a cat. She loves the cat and like to hug and kiss him. Despite not walking yet, she's very independent and even has to go down slides by herself! 

    She's obsessed by hats!

  • Lovely babies ladies.  I can't believe how they've all grown up, almost makes me want to have another   NOT!!!

    S is a little monkey.  He's 18 months now and into everything.  He likes to dance, is very clumsy, is on the go all the time, and it the total opposite to his sister.  He likes to have your attention, he loves sitting and snuggling.  He doesn't say much, but you can make out what he wants from the sounds he makes.  Every animal goes Roar regardless of what it is.  He can say Eleanor which is his sister's name, he'll say daddy, granddad, nana, but doesn't very often say mummy.  He refuses to call Mickey Mouse by his name, and insists that his name is hotdog.  I bet you can't guess what we watch in our house

    He is also obsessed with Iggle Piggle, and walked around toys r us with it all the time we were in there so that we'd buy it for him

    He's so accident prone though, I don't think his feet are up to speed with his brain, he's normally sporting a cut or a bruise.  Last night whilst dancing to the hotdog song in Mickey Mouse clubhouse, he some how managed to trip over his own feet and fell onto the TV unit, so he's currently got a cut on his cheek.

    E loves him to bits, although sometimes she's a bit mean, and won't share toys with him.  But she would do anything for him, and if she is having something then S has to have something too.  I was dreading them being close together in age and that It would be a nightmare, but it's actually not that bad at all.  They're both into the same stuff, and so will sit and play ok together, and are quite happy entertaining one another so I can get on with stuff.

    Here's my little monkey

  • It has been ages since we had a catch up!! They've all changed so much. Marmite I completely get the not a baby not quite a toddler thing.

    E is 13 months. Still fairly placid with the odd frustration meltdown, mostly related to food. Last night she HAD to have my naan bread. I had to hide it under the table from her and eat it facing away from the table. She wants to walk everywhere which although lovely also means it takes a painfully long time to get anywhere. We're going to et her her first proper walking shoes this afternoon :) She has a few words, mum and dad, duck, and she'll repeat up and down when going up and down kerbs. Mostly it's just incomprehensible chatter though.

  • Oh she's so cute SL! N giggles at Big Barn Farm, he thinks the burping goat is really funny!

    CP, loving snack time guys, how funny! Can't believe the boys are 19 months, sob!

    N is 19 months and a whirlwind! He doesn't stop, he runs everywhere. He copies everything we say, he talks non stop. His favourite phrases are 'see planes soon' and 'choo choo train' and 'Daddy's shoes/phone'  and 'Naughty Daddy!' etc. He recognises 1-10 and likes pointing out the number eight and two by shouting, and names colours but gets them all mixed up. Most things are purple. He chats away on our phones 'Hiya Daddy, oh dear, oh no, uh huh, byeee'.

    He climbs on everything, thinks climbing frames in the park are great. Loves trains and cars, lots of teeth and is scared of the hair dryer. He keeps me entertained all the time! Oh and he loves books, we get them given to us all the time and there are tempers if we don't read them! He's such a monkey!

    Why wont my picture work?! I've been trying to reply since last night FFS!


  • I can't believe they have all grown up so quickly.
    Disoc is 14 months now (well on sunday) he is a little charmer and loves to flirt with the ladies. Despite early crawling and crusing he shows no interest in independent walking. He is just  the age where he can amus himself with his toys while I get on with mundane tasks.
    He loves food (which has caused me no end of hassel when working out salt intake for a day).
    his only clear words are cat and lola (which is the cats name) he loves the cat she was also the reason he started to climb stairs the cat of course does not love him!

  • I give up! 3 attempts at replying and lost them all. Anyone else struggle with a tablet? Your babies are gorgeous, my child is 15 months and either a total terror or a total angel! Not even going to try to upload a pic, I've been trying to reply for 30 mins now! X

  • What gorgeous babies we make! I've been meaning to reply to this but haven't had the chance to get on the laptop til now.

    A is 15 months (not quite sure how!!). She has been walking for about a month and just wants to walk everywhere now. She will scream in the buggy and scream in the sling. Hoping that once the novelty wears off, she will stay in the sling a bit more.

    She has 8 teeth but I think she is getting some more as she has been a right crank recently.

    She adores her brother and he adores her. She will shower him with kisses but not give me or H any. They both go up to bed together and she will wait for J with her lips already puckered up for a kiss before bed. She will give him a kiss first thing in the morning too.

    We have a few words, mama, dada, nana (banana), no, sissy (lazy) ama (grandma) anda (granddad) ama (J - its said differently to grandma so we know its for J), maaaa (milk).

    She absolutely loves her food and will try anything new. She can understand phrases and questions that I ask. 'Do you want food, where's your toy/drink/person? and will find certain things if you ask her to. She will also sing along to the lalala song (naughty boy and sam smith) and put her fingers in her ears!

    Now for some photos

  • Can't believe how quickly they've all grown up, quite scary isn't it.

    Well Isobelle is so independent & seems so grown up in some respects but still so tiny. I last had her weighed a month ago & she still wasn't 20lb, has only been out of her infant car seat for a month & has only just grown into 9-12 month clothes (although most of the trousers don't fit so I should really get the 6-9 ones back out of the loft!). Her vocabulary astounds me each day, she has over 100 words which are almost all pronounced correctly & can speak in simple sentences, her favourite ones being, 'oh dear, what's happened?' 'What's he doing?' 'It's a 8!'. She can count to 14 & recognises a lot of the numbers & if I write the capital I she says it's Isobelle. & recently she's starting singing most of the words to 'dinkle, dinkle, little star!. She loves food & it feels like she constantly eating. In fact she was a flower girl at the weekend for my sister's wedding & with the rush of getting ready I forgot to give her lunch or snacks so she cried in the car on the way to the church so we had to stop at a shop on the way there & she ended up walking down the aisle with me eating an apple!!

    She loves swimming & can 'swim' independently by holding onto a woggle which scared my mum a bit at the weekend. LLL Isobelle seems similar with colours. Everything was purple, then everything was blue & now everything is blue or red but if you ask her to get a green/yellow/red pencil she'll get the right 1. She loves animals & we have a annual pass to our local farm which she loves, especially as there are tractor rides (she's obsessed with diggers, cars, wheels...) a huge sand pit & indoor play area (she loves slides). She also loves books & reads the end word of each line & can read most of the hungry caterpillar. She's still obsessed with watching Peppa Pig & now also asks to watch 'witch' which is room on the broom which I recorded at Christmas.

    She is a little mini me & wants to do everything I do. Including eating with chopsticks & this weekend I was drinking Jager Bombs & she screamed when I wouldn't let her have 1 but then it turns out she didn't wanted to play with the shot glasses so I got her 2 & a cup of water & she spent about 20-30 mins just pouring water between the 2.

    She's hilarious & I could spend all my time watching her (& did quite a bit of that at the wedding). Here are some recent pics:

          & today's new shoes, looking way too grown up! <a href="http://mumdrum.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/7/Tuesday-17th-September-2013-_2

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