4 year old with upset tummy

what should I be giving her to eat? She was like it a bit at weekend but today has been awful and she has tummy ache. I am conscious she should eat but she is saying she doesn't want anything, do I just concentrate on getting her to drink!? 


  • Drink is definitely more important than food. G was like it last week with chickenpox so i bought her her favourite squash so she would drink more. I kept asking her if she wanted food and could have anything she wanted but didnt really eat for 3 days. All she wanted to eat for a week was crackers, bread and butter and the odd yoghurt but i just went with it. It should only be for a few days hopefully. Diaoralyte will help her with dehydration too xx

  • Bananas, rice, eggs, crackers and bread/toast are all quite plain and binding.

    I would avoid too much dairy, fatty or greasy foods and fruit (and fresh fruit juice) for a couple of days. Also, the little bio yoghurts a can help you get over an upset tummy faster. When you're well I think they are redundant, but they have their place at rebalancing when things go squiffy with tummy bugs or courses of anti-Bs.

  • Thank you, topping her up with juice and will see how she goes x

  • Go with the BRAT diet - Bananas, rice, apple (sauce I believe, bit weird!), toast.

    Hope she's feeling better soon x

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