A musing about due dates if yours was moved significantly at dating scan

So technically I'm 2 days over due today. However before I had my 12 week scan going by AF dates I was due on the 9th Nov. Scan then brought that forward almost a week to the 3rd Nov. If similar happened to you when did baby actually arrive? Nearer 'your' due date or scan due date? I'm not really bothered at all as I'm quite comfy so don't mind being a week or so over, just curious really x



  • My original due date with M was 31st May, scan put me forward to 26th May. Waters broke on 4th June and she appeared after induction on 6th June! I've been put forward three days this time despite knowing when I ovulated, so we will see what happens.

    My sisters due date with her son was brought forward too and he was 10 days late after induction.

    My plan this time is to refuse to be induced if it comes to it, but hopefully it won't come to that!

  • I was 13 days over by hospital dates, but 9 days by my own. I did read somewhere that pregnancy  can vary up to 5 weeks either side of your EDD

  • So for both of you ladies 'your' dates were more accurate. Interesting. Thanks x

  • My due date with J was 6th June by the hospital's dates, and 11th June by mine. At my 20 week scan he was measuring 5 days behind, and I went into labour on the morning of the 11th, and had him at 2am the following day. So my dates were way more accurate!

  • This is interesting! !! We swear her due date is today 5th not 1st. OH is adamant she is not over due yet.
  • By my own dates I thought I was due at the end of July. Scan said the 2nd if august and he didn't make an appearance until the 12th!

  • RKB that's interesting! I'm definitely refusing any talk of an induction next time (narrowly escaped it with Isaac)

  • I fell pregnant with Harry due to anti-depressants meds clash so didn't know I was pregnant but going by my LMP he was due 31st Oct. My scan put me forward by one week, to 24th Oct.

    When he eventually came (induced) I was 17 days over, but really, when I think about it now it's only 10 days, looking at it from the original dates.

    This time we said 8th April based on what we know (OV etc), and our scan at 7 weeks and 11 weeks said 8th; NHS scan at 12 wks said 5th, midwife said we could choose so we went with the latest date to give us a bit longer to avoid being induced, if it comes to that.

  • Mine was moved forward by 3 days but my friend was moved back by 2 weeks!

    Neither of us have had our babies yet though so can' tell u which was more acurate.

    Ive had a lot of mum's tell me to be aiming for the date from mybdates rather than the scan though!

  • Looks like baby might stay put for a while yet then. Funny isn't it that in pretty much every case your dates were more accurate than scans. Thanks all x

  • At my early private scan the lady said 'your dates are spot on, don't let them move you, they always try and move you forward...'

  • Ooh interesting. My scan brought me forward by 8 days. According to OV etc those dates would be really unusual, so I'm convinced my dates are more accurate.

  • My dates were brought forward 5days at scan. There's no way I conceived when they reckon (on my sisters birthday, 16days after a m/c). I've tried to argue dates already & failed - I'm sticking with my dates tho. And will be turning down sweeps/induction etc. My 1st was 15days overdue ... However i suspect with hindsight, she probably wasn't that overdue!

  • My LMP due date was 23 December. Moved to 28th at early scan then 4th January  at 12 week scan.  I went into labour on 4th though took 40 hours so she arrived on 6th.

  • My little man was 2 weeks overdue by scan dates but born on his due date by my dates. This was one of the main reasons I refused induction as I felt scan dates weren't accurate so baby wasn't as overdue as they said!

  • This is so interesting. I saw MW today she didn't offer a sweep  as I'm only 2 days over. But has booked me in for one a week Thursday. By my dates I'll be 5 days over due. Happy to wait now and see what happens x

  • With A I was moved forward 6 days, I knew my dates were right, I even had a blood test at cd21 which confirmed I hadn't even ovulated at that point. He was born at 40+0 (39+1 by my dates).

    With M I was moved forward by 4 days, I was temping so fairly sure of my dates again. She was born at 40+5 (40+1) by my dates. I did however have a very hectic week the week she was due and I think that's why she was a little late.

    The thing is even if your dates are spot on, you can still be 2 or more weeks lat
  • I would have refused induction until I was at least 2 weeks over MY dates though.
  • I had to have early scans, one at 6 weeks b/c of suspected ectopic, and my due date was 15th.  second scan they moved it to the 9th, then the 12 week scan was the 4th.baby arrived on 11th and the midwife said she looked early.  I also didn't get a positive pregnancy test until 1 week after AF was due, so I think I must have conceived late that month.  

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