Angelcare movement sensor pad monitor

I've been perusing the baby bargains thread on the MSE forums (as you do!) and seen that the Angelcare movement sensor monitor pad plus two units is on at £66 which apparently is a good price. We were thinking of getting this one and just wondered if anyone has any experience of using it and whether you'd recommend it? Also, can it be used just as a sound monitor if we decide we don't need the sensor pads further down the line? 

Thanks in advance :-)


  • I've used it and found them to be really reassuring, and yes you can turn off the sensor mat and just have the sound if you wish.

  • It really reassured me in the early days and I still use it now (9m). I'd definitely use it again.

  • Thanks ladies, I think we'll go for it.

  • We still use it (with sensor mat) at 18 months.

  • We've been using it since F moved into his own room at just shy of 6 months and are still using it now and he's 19 months. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, we've had no problems at all. You can select the option to just pick up sound if you wish. We did it for a while when F had a habit of moving around off the sensor and setting the alarm off!

  • Oh balls OOS now from the seller that had it at £66. I'm sure it'll come up again at a good price over the next 4-5 months so we'll wait!

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