Anti-reflux milk recs please

Which ones do you use and have had the most success with please? Any brand better than the others? I'm buying over the counter for now as can't get a prescription from the health visitor until next week. Thanks in advance x


  • We used Enfamil AR with Zoe but it was prescribed, and there weren't all the over the count ones available a the time.  Just to warn you, the HV won't be able to prescribe for you, you will need to see the GP for any anti-reflux stuff.  Have you been given infant Gaviscon already ?

  • Thank you Jelly Baby. They have a nurse practitioner with them one day a week who can prescribe and HV has said she is happy for us to have enfamil on prescription but recomended we try an over the counter one until then. We had gaviscon bit it just made her very constipated and very unhappy!

  • If the Gaviscon made her constipated I'd be wary of the formulas then, especially Enfamil.  Zoe was on enfamil with no issues (had been on gaviscon, ranitidine, dompriodone etc) so when Orla started showing signs of reflux I went and got a tin of Enfamil to try and it made her really constipated and yet she is fine with Gaviscon.

  • No recommendations, but i've been thinking of you, hope that all is OK, and glad you got back to the HV.  I have seen a "staydown" version of SMA I believe and there is an Aptimal version available on the shelf in Tesco.

  • Thanks LM! She said to try an off the shelf one for over the weekend then if still no joy we can try enfamil. She also mentioned if we were still no happier, I should go to te docs for a paeds referral. I actually feel like I'm being taken seriously now! x

  • From what I can gather from good ol' google, the off the shelf ones like c&g and Aptamil are thicker in the bottle and the prescribed ones like enfamil thicken in the stomach. Does  that sound right? x

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