Any experiences?

Hi all, Ive been absent for a little bit while finishing work which is now all done *yey*. Im now on annual leave before my mat leave begins. Everything has been going well, but my braxton hicks had become really painful and I kept having the feeling of needing to bear down. I called the MLU who asked me to go in, I was strapped to a monitor, had a speculum which really hurt :( (silly doctor just rammed it in instead of paying attention to how my cervix was lying). I was admitted overnight (Sunday), and discharged in the morning after being monitored again.

Then at about 2am this morning I was in agony with the braxtons again and it looked as though my mucus plug had come out. I called the MLU again at about 6am after taking painkillers and just trying to relax. They told me to go in again and put me back on the monitor. The braxtons were alot bigger and closer together but another speculum exam showed that my cervix was still firmly plugged and there were no other signs of baby c making an appearance. This speculum was done by a midwfie practitioner who said that she felt the doctor who had previously done the speculum had been a bit rough and not made sure my cervix was lying right before inserting so he may have disturbed some of the plug. She sent me home again with the recommendation to rest and see what happens.

I have just under 5 weeks to go, they arent concerned if C comes this early they just dont want me labouring at home prem and with my first baby, which I really appreciate. I feel like such an idiot though, I feel like Ive wasted their time twice now. I still have the feeling I need to bear down her head is engaged and the pain is still there too including in my back. Does anybody have any similar experiences? Please tell me Im not being an obsessed muppet Sad


  • If ever in doubt it's always worth going to MLU or doctor. Last pregnancy I went as I had been to the loo and felt like I'd leaked iykwim, but they examined and it was just a lot of discharge. Nice.

    It's hard when it's your first. I had no BH last time, although I have this time, albeit without pain, maybe an occasional period type ache. However, your feeling of needing to bear down and coupled with feeling it in your back are probably your bodies way of preparing itself for the birth.

    Real contractions never go away and only get closer/stronger. Have you tried a bath or lying on your left and also drinking some water? All these things should help alleviate BH a bit.

    Hopefully someone else can give you a better reply in a minute

  • Thanks IDC, I just felt like such an idiot. Im glad my body is practicing although Im sure the real thing will feel much worse. I can only lie on my left side now otherwise I feel really sick, Im permanently drinking fruity water (I had diarrhoea before admission too but that could be the fruity water lol). I really hope she hangs in there for even just a few more weeks, she needs to put some more weight on, I was 5 weeks prem and I only weighed 4lbs 7 xxx

  • No experience but if in doubt its always better to go in and be checked x

  • thanks jem :) xxx

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