Any little ones starting school tomorrow?

Matilda's things are all out. Lunch box is done. Heidi's bag is packed. 

Are your girls in summer dresses still? 

Not sure what to do with myself. Might powerwalk it to town to run some errands with the small one. M is only there until 1pm this week. 


  • Hi Rusty.

    Yes L starts today too. Her uniform is hanging in her room and her lunch box was sorted last night. She is there until 1.30 every day this week and next week it's full days.

    I didn't bother buying summer dresses so she will be in a pinafore with a polo shirt and cardigan.

    I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad - all at the same time!!

  • I dropped A off today, she had a little wibble about 15 minutes before we left and we had a little cry... I started off because I was telling her these were the best days of her life <sob>  Other than that she was happy as larry scooting off to school with her big sister.  She's only in until midday so I'll pick her up and we can have lunch together and then probably snuggle up with a DVD before we have to pick up K at 3 (it's pouring with rain here).  She's gone in her summer dress but she did complain of cold legs so it might be tights tomorrow.

    Hope everyone's little ones have a great first day!

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