Arnica tablets before elective CS

I've heard people on here before talk about taking arnica to help with healing after their CS. 

Do you just buy them from holland and Barrats?

how far in advance of your CS date do you take them for and how long after? I assume they're safe to take with iron tablets and pregnacare?

anything I need to know about them?

anything else you recommend doing to prepare for ELCS? 


JT 35+6


  • I would take them before any kind of birth. They can help everything g heal.

  • That's what I'm hoping LR, it can't hurt to try it

  • Yup, I took 2 weeks before. I got mine from boots

  • I got mine from Boots (£6?) and started them the day of the ELCS. I wasn't sure about beforehand as diseage is higher for day 1? I took them for about 2 weeks, although I kept forgetting. Overall my recovery has been amazing (4 weeks in and I am driving, lifting toddler etc). Not sure how much the arnica layer a part in that. Outside I didn't look very bruised so maybe it helped too?

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