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Aromatherapy in labour

A couple of questions. I have been interested in aromatherapy for years so thought i would do a couple of blends for hospital. Was going to do a relaxing/fear alleviating one as a massage oil and an invigorating face spray for 2nd stage.

Can anyone recomnend 2 simple blends? The "recipes" i have use 3 or 4 oils each and at £5-£8 a pop its not cheap so trying to find recipes with less oils!

My second question is, has anyone used aromatherapy for labour and birth and do you think it helped?




  • I've got clary sage and lavender to soak into cotton wool balls and for massage (mixed with almond oil)

  • I bought some massage oil for about £5.  It had clary sage, lavender and a few other bit in.  Can find the website if you're interested.

  • Definitely Clary Sage and Lavender to help labour - I used almond oil as a base but apricot and sunflower are also good.

    For a revitalising spritz I would use something more citrusy - but be careful using oils on your face as they might irritate your eyes.

  • I would speak to your midwife first as some oils aren't suitable, also you may find your health authority provide it for you.

    Where I live I was given an aromathy oil blend to use for massage and in the bath 39+8 ish IIRC and then when i was at the birthing unit the MW made up a blend for H to massage into my back it was lovely.

    As and added bonus they also sent me home with a lavender and something blend to put in the bath to help relax and heal my stitches

  • Another vote for clary sage and lavender on the recommendation of my yoga teacher

  • Is clary sage and lavendar for use at any point in pregnancy, e.g. for massage / relaxing? Thought I'd seen something on here about it being good for bringing on baby? But might be getting confused! I will have to check with my MW if any are provided during labour, as the more things available to try, the better!

  • Thanks everyone! Stupid question Hep but what do you do with the oil soaked cotton wool?


  • Lamby, you can't use Clary Sage before 38 ish weeks as it does have some evidence that it can stimulate contractions of the uterus so definitely don't use before 38 weeks x

  • I put the oil soaked cotton wool in a little dish by my bed so I can smell during the night. Can also do this in the labour/delivery room as not allowed to burn an oil burner there x

  • Oh i see - thats a cool idea thank you! X

  • Thanks Hep, I'll get some in a few weeks then :)

  • The midwife massaged my back with lavender oil when I was in labour. It was amazing and they provided the oil. I was in an MLU though.

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