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bedtime troubles with 1yr old

A used to self settle wonderfully, we'd lay her down after a story and she'd suck her thumb to sleep. She then learnt to pull up to standing in her cot and since then it's been a slow descent from that, to rubbing her back, to a quick cuddle, to a longer cuddle, to rocking until drowsy and now we have to rock her to sleep. We seem to have ended up here without really realising it.

We're not really sure what to do. We don't want it to stay like this, but she starts nursery in 10 days so we know that anything we try may well just go out of the window anyway.

This is also the case for naps, but not after feeds in the night as she's drowsy enough to go to sleep.

Any hints/tips/advice? TIA


  • Can you try self settling? Like leaving her to it for a while? W has started sitting up at night, but we just ignore him and he lies back and goes over eventually.

  • That sounded bad, I mean we leave him to it so long as he doesn't get hysterical.

  • We've started doing a mixture of leaving her a while and rubbing her back if needed which seems to be working so far. Bless her though, we left her whinging tonight but heard her get up and rattle the cot so went up and H found her hanging over the edge, sucking her thumb, fast asleep!

  • Oh bless her. That is so cute! I hope that your approach helps and you get her going to bed without problems!

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