What do you have? And how did you decide?

Do I need a vibrating one? There’s so much choice and they seem to range from 20 quid to over £100! 




  • We bought a £25 vibrating one from Argos. We didn't see the point in spending loads, when essentially, they all do the same job.

  • Thanks AK. I know that’s the sensible answer but there’s one that’s absolutely stunning, but a fortune, and no vibrations. It’s more like a piece of art tbh. Doesn’t look very cosy either.

    Did they like the vibrations?

  • I really wouldn't spend loads on one as LO might not like it. L liked the vibrations whilst O didn't like it that much.

  • They all seem to like different things. I was lent a fairly basic vibrating one by a friend and p didnt like it at all. I bought a battery operated swinging one from ebay for £15 and sheloved it. I definitely wouldn't spend too much.

  • I thought this was going to be a story about doormen....I'll get my coat.

  • For us the vibrations were a saviour in the early days! Great for calming baby down and getting him to sleep! We had a basic fisher price one and it did the job perfectly. I don't think that there is much point in spending much on the chair either as although you may use it loads at the start, E stopped using his regularly at about 5 months, preferring instead to play on his jumparoo or play mat
  • We had a hand-me-down from BiL amd.I'm glad we didn't spend any money on it. She liked it for about a month but hated it after that so it went up in the loft and hasn't been down since!

  • J loved the vibrations, he cried if it stopped.

    He outgrew it so quickly, as he was such a big boy, I am glad we didn't spend much.

  • Hmm, I would go the opposite way.  We got the Babybjorn one when it was mispriced on the mothercare website, and got it for £40.  We've used it pretty much every day for the past 10 months, and it is suitable up to age 2.  A is happy to sit in it while I am busy in another room and it keeps him contained while I have a shower/hoover/etc.  Definitely worth the money for us.

  • Z absolutely loves her bouncer, it was a cheap one from Amazon. She will literally sit in it for hours wiggling her leg and bouncing herself! It also helped with her reflux in the very early days as she could sleep more upright as a last resort.

  • We had the Fisherprice Rainforest one. C hated the vibrations, but liked the actual chair, S loved the vibrations and it was a godsend, but she had to come out of it when she was sitting up at 5 months.

  • We have a fisher price woodsy bouncer. We got it from Amazon as it was half the price of buying it from mothercare. S seems to like the vibrations and I'm convinced it's helped him poop in the past! :)

  • We had a bouncer that my parents bought at a car boot sale for a pound. It was bog standard, no electrics, just a bouncy metal frame! W hated the fancy one we got from my SIL that did the vibrating and music thing, but he loved the simple one that he could move and bounce just by kicking his feet.

  • We had the exact same one Monnie posted. J cried every time he went in it. Don't worry though Monnie, it's not the bouncer, it's the child. He cried most of the time, regardless of what he was doing or put in! I was glad I hadn't spent too much money though as it would have been a waste. Hopefully Attila will get on better with it!

  • SG I hope your right haha xxx

  • Fisher price woodsy bouncer here. F LOVED it. He had a romance going with the owl I'm sure and stared at it for ages, the vibrate was a godsend and as he got bigger he played with the toys for ages.

  • Thanks everyone! I think i’ll get a vibrating one but keep to £40 odd, seems you can get a decent one for that sort of money.

    Can they still bounce it with their legs if the vibration is turned off?!

  • Yes the vibration doesn't affect the bouncing when it's on or off.  F didn't bounce in his until he was older and by then the vibration part had stopped sending him to sleep anyway so wasn't used as much.

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