Bowel problems in early pregnancy (TMI!!)

Ahhhhhhhhhh that glamorous things we talk about on here!!

I'm 5+4 and for the last 4 or 5 days i've had a very dodgy stomach. It's without fail every morning and accompanied by awful stomach cramps. Everytime i eat or drink anything (except water) i get really bad stomach cramps too. The cramping is horrible and really painful and obviously the runs aren't nice either!! 

It's really making me not want to eat, which in turn makes me feel sick. Can't win!! I'm trying to keep eating small portions of plain food and sip water. If i wasn't pregnant it'd be a great diet. Obviously taking pregnancy vits too. 

I've not eaten anything odd or new, nothing from the 'to avoid' list and don't feel ill as such so i don't think it's a bug.

It's like morning sickness but the other way!! Ha! Not fun though really! Is this a pregnancy thing, has anyone had this?? Or just something random!! Not sure if i should just ride it out and hope it passes or if it's worth seeing someone.

ETA - I have just googled and get loads of stuff about it being linked to miscarriage. Great. 


  • No, you are not alone. I had a dodgy stomach during the first tri of my pregnancy. Every morning I would have to rush to the toilet (sorry tmi!) regardless of my diet. It did eventually settled down though. Hope you don't suffer for too long

  • AR - I'm not saying you're wrong but I googled, tried about 6 different links and read the posts. It seems more common than I realised, but I didn't see any mc links. Not in what I read. Please try not to worry x

  • Have you started any supplements? I suffer from IBS from time to time anyway but had a terrible time of it the first few weeks of this pregnancy and Mr CV realised it was due to the pregnancy supplements I'd started taking - it stopped within a day or so of me stopping them.

  • I had this each time, think the fluctuating hormones can effect your bowel. Pls try not to worry xxx (I know, its impossible! )

  • I have the other problem and I'm really constipated!

  • I didn't have it at the beginning, but started over a week ago for me and is just as you described. I to googled the same about miscarriage, panicked and everything is fine. Make sure you drink plenty of water.  I hope it stops for both of us soon.

  • I wondered about the pregnancy vits but I suttee taking them when I got my bfp 2 weeks ago and am only just having this problem in the last 4 days or so. So far today I have a piece if plain toast and working a couple if hours I was in the loo and in so much pain. No eating for me then!!

  • I think you should maybe go to the docs if its stopping you eating

  • I had horrendous diarrhoea in first tri, wasn't a problem after that though. I remember posting at the time and lots of people had similar issues. Try not to worry x

  • My stomach was inside out for a couple of weeks when PG with #1. It soon stopped though. Just one of the joys of your body changing!

  • I also had a terrible upset stomach and cramps from about weeks 5-7, it did pass- main thing is to keep hydrated!

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