Britax Affinity Anyone?

Another pram question from me (I feel there will be many so sorry in advance!!!)

Has anyone got one of these prams and what do you think of it?


  • Hi CA. We chose this and are very happy! Granted, baby is still cooking, but we've put it together, all 3 of us have had a play. I think it's a totally sensible choice! It's sort of middle-of-the-road in that we'll be doing a lot of leisure walking, and taking the dog off road, but not extreme conditions. It's also fine for shopping malls etc. It's so easy to clip on and off the various components (carrycot to car seat to pushchair). Easy to handle, decent basket, comes with everything we felt we needed. And such a reasonable price, we felt. I read loads of reviews and nothing deterred me. Thumbs up from me, based on what I've seen so far x

  • Thanks for that Counter.  I've also looked at the B-Smart3 which Margot has got and really like that too.

    I've only really started looking but it does tick a lot of boxes for me already without even seeing it.  I have however worked out that I like the clean look of the travel systems where you can click everything on and off.

    Do you have the car seat with it?  I was looking at that and it said there was one suitable from birth to 15 months?  I thought you had to change your carseat after a certain time and you couldn't get one that would do that long?

  • I think that seat (the baby safe plus?) is a Group 0+ and not just a Group 0 so it does remain usable for longer. It's rear or forward facing. I suppose I didn't look too closely at that because I'm expecting a monster that grows out of everything early anyway, and secondly we would like to try for another pretty quickly so getting another car seat leaving the small one for newest baby would maybe be on the cards anyway.

  • Not got an Affinity but just nosey! The carseat is a Britax BabySafe which is a stage 0+, it goes from birth to 13kg/29lbs which for an average baby is at least 15 months. It is a rear facing carseat only. My huge second baby was in his 0+ seat until 16 months and still had a way to go until the weight limit but was too tall - I'm expecting my dinky third to be in hers for even longer.

  • that sounds positive Margot, not to mention financially sensible?

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