Bumbo is currently on offer in mothercare, has anyone used one? Are they worth it, I know he is a bit young for it but if they are good will buy it whilst its reduced


  • We had one for W and I found it really useful as nice and light to move around and another seating option for them rather than just a bouncy chair.

    Aldo apparently they're meant to be good for helping to strengthen the muscles in their back for helping them be able to sit up on their own.

    There's always loads on eBay, ours was a tenner. Don't know how much they are on offer for in mother care though

  • They're meant to be used when they have head control. We bought one from an Nct nearly new sale. Used it until his thighs wouldn't fit in it anymore, ha!

  • M hated it so we used it approx twice! Luckily wed borrowed it rather than buying!!

  • We still use one at 16 months! But E has twig like legs. It's handy for giving her snacks when she won't sit still. With the play tray we used it for meals too.

  • Henry wouldn't sit in his until lately (10 months old). Mines in the bath now and I plonk him in to shower him down after particularly bad meal times Laugh

  • So maybe a second hamd one might be best, might ask if any friends have one to borrow before I shell out for one.oh missusS that sounds bad, lookin forward to those food daysnhahaha

  • I borrowed one, probably wouldn't have paid full price for one. It was useful, particularly for meals out and about I found.
  • Never really used it when they were little but now at 2 years and nearly 6 they fight over who sits in it when they watch tv, so now getting our monies worth , have even thought about getting another one.

  • We had one for D and she loved it. Fortunately we have two as now we're beginning to put J in it she wants in it too. D is 2.5 and still fits it. Just.

  • I bought one for Zoe, she sat in it twice and each time after a couple of minutes started crying, so I took it back to the shop.   I have borrowed one from a friend for Orla and she loves it, she is very happy to just sit watching me while I get on with jobs in the kitchen and will sit there for up to 15 mins or so.  

  • We use ours loads and wouldn't be without it :)

  • We found it really useful when we started weaning, to sit him in after meals to clean him up!!

  • I had one but found the play tray a bit rubbish, it just slots on so G used to just pull it straight off, another time i would definitely go for the mamas and papas version www.mamasandpapas.com/.../8345 Would def say gt it second hand too if you can, its all plastic so a quick wipe down and good as new at a fraction of the price x

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