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Not really a question, more an observation. Car seats are such a mine field. I'm struggling this time with seats/bases/isofix. I never had this problem with the first two. 

Our needs have changed now. Ive never had a baby carrier stage 0+ seat that fits on the pram but I think it would be handy this time when I need to run into school and nursery now. I now have isofix so was thinking a base would be easier but because my car has under floor storage I can't have a base with a support leg, which most bases seem to have. It's just all so confusing and I'm thinking I'd be easier just sticking with my Britax First class seats!!


  • I can’t help but I agree! I’m ok with the first stage, decided on the Quinny Buzz with the Pebble and Familyfix for ease, but it’s the next stage that frightens me! Trying to find an isofix reversible seat from 9 months til 4 years is not an easy task (not for me anyway)!

  • I've been looking at the maxi-cosi pebble for the first seat as it's compatible with our pram of choice and it looks comfortable! From what I can work out maxi cosi are bringing out a new base and a new version of the Pearl which can be rear or forward facing (not quite until 4 but for longer than 12 months). I think the new base might not be out until the new year but as our baby isn't due till early April there's no rush.

  • I saw about the new base, but I think they are quite a bit more expensive than the normal ones (I got the pebble and familyfix for £175), and I don’t think a base is needed with the next stage as you tend to leave them in the car a lot more. We are poor at the moment so I decided to get the normal stuff cheaper and then hopefully by the time we need the next stage we’ll have some money again!!

  • Having the same dilemma as OB. We went with the pebble for stage 0 for the reasons you mention. Stage one though is proving harder.

    Ob if you need help,  best place is the Milton Keynes safety centre (either in person or phone). They checked E still fits in the infant one and told us not to consider it for a while. They are much better at advice than the high street stores.

  • That's true OB, I didn't even think about that with the next stage and not taking it in and out of the car. Suppose it'll only be useful if we still have two cars and then we'd need two bases...hmmm! Definitely something to consider then, maybe it's worth getting the cheaper base to go with the pebble for now. Just when I thought I had my head round all this car seat stuff!

  • LR, for what it is worth I didn't see the point of the base last time around.  Within 3 weeks I had replaced our carseat with a Maxi Cosi and a base as it really did make life easier on the school run, mainly for the days when it has been raining as I just put the raincover over the carseat before getting Orla out and click it straight on to the wheels.  With regards to your underfloor storage, some manufacturers sell a filler block that goes in it which then means you can use a base with a leg (and yes, I don't think there is a rear facing seat without a leg because of the way the force travels IYSWIM) or if the leg is long enough you can remove the lid and put the leg down to the bottom of the storage compartment.

    The new Maxi Cosi 2-way Pearl is now out and can be used with the Family Fix base but I don't know whether it needs to be an updated version of that base or not.  Maxi Cosi are pretty clever at making money so it wouldn't surprise me.   We kept Zoe rear facing in the BeSafe Izi Combifix and I loved the seat, but we only have a Golf and it made the front passenger seat seriously cramped.  There are so many more extended rear facing seats on the market now and I think I'm going to be looking at the Britax one that can go forward and rear facing as well as twisting to the door to make it easier to get them in and out, but just hope it doesn't take up as much space as the BeSafe did.  

  • When we had the scenic we had to put the base in the middle.  Couldn't get fillers for the box at that point,  maybe can now though? Doubt the middle seat had iso fix either,  we had the easy base you strap in.  Fwiw, our car seat doesn't fit on the pram frame and I've not actually missed it as much as i thought I would

  • I do have isofix in the middle seat Ally. Just think its going to be a nightmare getting 3 of them strapped in. I have 3 high backed boosters in the back just now and it's a pita getting the 3 kids strapped in each time. A base would be easier but it's giving me a headache trying to work it out!

    I think I might stick with the First class and just need to carry/sling the baby into school and nursery. Going to be a nightmare!

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