Christening entertainment (or not) help

Hi.  Been busy with our new LO since dec so not been on.  We are getting her christened soon but have a dilemma.   We are having quite a big party (100 guests) long story, and are not sure what to do re entertainment at the party afterwards.  I don't want a disco  as it's daytime and about her not the adults but feel a room with nothing will be boring for those who make the effort for her.  Can anyone suggest or am I overthinking.  Do I need anything??  We will obviously provide food/ a cake etc!   Thanks I. Advance :0) 


  • The christenings I've been to haven't had any entertainment. Just a room with a buffet and a bar. It's afternoon not evening so I can't imagine people getting up to dance or anything even if there was a disco.

    The ones I've been to people just sit at tables or move about and mingle and chat to various people.

    Is there going to be quite a few toddlers/children? Maybe you could think about something for them to do- blow some balloons up, have some toys for them to play with etc.

  • WjellytotS, I've never been to a christening with entertainment. I'd go with some colouring or toys if there are lots of children but that would be all.

  • We're doing a sort of joint christening first birthday party so I'm getting soft play in for the kids and then just loads of food and drink for adults. Most I've been to don't have anything.

    Depends how long you're planning on it going on for
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