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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests

Im hopefully over reacting as usual but really worried about the conception indicator on the Clearblue digis. I got my first bfp on one between 4 and 5 weeks and it said 2-3. I then did one at 5+1 and it said 2-3 and I did another this morning at 6+1 and it still says 2-3. :( I've done loads of googling and seen other people saying the conception indicator can be inaccurate but I'm quite upset all the same. Anyone else not had a 3+ til later (or at all) and everything has been fine?


  • I think Tweetie Pie had similar problems. Just may be you hormone level isn't high enough but I don't think it necessarily means there are any worries Hun. Perhaps ask the GP to do some blood tests.

  • The CBD tests are notorious for taking a long time to register the change between 2-3 and 3+ with lots of ladies reporting they never got a 3+ result (myself included!) so I wouldn't read too much into it.

    If you are really worried you can crack the test casing open and check yourself online (Ducky is brilliant at this if you want her expert eye!) whether or not the test should of said 3+ but didn't x

  • Tweetie Pie just had this issue for the last couple of weeks, yet had a scan with heartbeat the other day, so all is well.

    Presumably EPU will be scanning you again soon?

    Hugs lovely, it's a very worrying time, xx

  • Scan on Wednesday. I'm going to be a nervous wreck til then. :(

  • I only did 2 clear blue digital tests on the one day & was satisfied with the 2-3weeks. I was sick though so whilst awful was reassurance until an early scan at 7 weeks.

    Please do not panic & I look forward to an update on Wednesday x

  • I had 1 week, 2-3, and 3+ on consecutive days so I don't place much accuracy on them I have to say. I had no idea how pregnant I was so did lots of googling about them and lots of people said that they weren't that great as the dates were off, or they never got the 3+ when they tested.

    I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, Wednesday isn't too far away. Good luck x

  • Like the others have said I've just went through the exact same experience. This was my post mumdrum.com/.../18265.aspx.

    My successful pregnancy had it change rapidly so I assumed the same would happen again. I had stopped testing for a while but tried again at 28dpo and got a 3+. At 23dpo it was still 2-3. I've just had a scan on Friday that showed a baby with a heartbeat although dated at 6+1 instead of 6+5. So the digi went to 3+ at 6 weeks by my dates.

    I even had hcg blood tests that showed awful results, my hcg wasn't doubling at the right rate which usually signals a mc.

    I hope you are just further behind than you think. Could you have ovulated later?

  • I know exactly when I ovulated as I use the cbfm. I'm 28 dpo and got 2-3 with fmu. I did lots of googling and saw lots of other people questioning their accuracy on the actual weeks. I'm hoping that this isn't a big deal but slightly worried again after reading Tweetie's last post as I'm sure on dates. I cracked open the test itself and the lines were so dark I don't get how it can't be reading 3+. I've thrown all the tests away and am currently unsure as to whether I should buy more tomorrow and test again or just wait and see what happens on Wednesday.

  • Hi Parky, I bought one pack of 2 CBD tests so only did the 2. First one was 1-2 weeks. I waited ages before doing the second because I'd had a mc before so was scared of a bad result. I wanted to see that 3+ message. It was when I would have been at least 6 weeks that I did it, so 4 weeks after ovulation, and I still only got a 2-3 weeks message. Luckily by then I had already had repeat hcg blood tests which were far more reassuring. I think it's not as unusual as you may think so have slow starters, despite received wisdom stating that all babies develop at the same rate in the first tri.  Far more important is that you know you are pregnant, and if worried, get a private early scan xx

  • Thank you Barefoot. That is reassuring. I've got a scan on Wednesday at 6+4 and ultimately that will be more reliable than anything I can buy off the shelf.

  • Parky I'm positive on my dates as well but the scan says differently. Also the cbfm along with opk's aren't an exact science remember. When I had my first bfp I was using the cbfm and it said I didn't ovulate at all....eh well I definitely did!

    I absolutely understand why you are worried and I'm still concerned at why my tests didn't increase at the correct rate. I had positive opk's hence thinking I knew when I ovulated but baby must just have been slow to implant or something. X

  • Totally hear what you are saying TP but the last time we had sex was when I was 1dpo so it's not really possible that I conceived much later than I think. Will just need to see what happens. X

  • Same here as well. We only dtd once that month so I'm 100% sure on dates.

  • Got nothing helpful to add re the clear blues (except as other says they aren't always an exact science)

    but it's worth noting sperm can survive in fallopian tubes for several days (I can't remember the exact numbers) so that could affect dates also when I had my 12 week scan recently I got moved forward by a whole week and the sonographer was telling us that a friend of hers was doing a study and was finding that exact date of ovulation can very more than thought which is why dates can change so much from what you might calculate using the standard NHS method (of date of last period and cycle length).

    Which are two contributing factors that might help explain why you aren't quite as far along as you might expect so might take longer to get a 3+

  • hugs to you Parky, its so worrying.

    I've had a panic with this in the past and did extensive Googling, which I know you have done too.  The long and short of it is that these tests are notoriously inaccurate.  Midwifes hate them because of this.  This doesn't make you feel any less worried of course but the fact that you've checked the lines on the test and they are really dark is a good sign.

    In relation to your dates, you obviously know when you ovulated which is great but remember that implantation can be between 6dpo and 12dpo (I think) which is almost a week and can make the difference in HCG levels at this stage.  

    I have everything crossed for you at your scan on Wednesday.  I think these little beans just like to worry us right from the start!!!!

  • Hugs lovely, you know I have everything crossed for you. You know how certain I am of my dates, due to HyCoSy I know that I ovulated exactly on day 14. I was just dated a week ahead at twelve week scan, sonographer is adamant that I ovulated at day 7 which isn't possible. Sperm and eggs travel at different speeds, embryos implant at different times (anything from 4-14dpo I think) and mature at different rates. You know that the embryo is in the right place, there is absolutely no reason for anything to be wrong this time. Huge hugs, and I hope that Wednesday is here before you know it. You know where I am, xx

  • Hi x

    hope you don't mind me messaging you but i saw your post and would like to see how you got on. I am pregnant but no idea how far. I also had 1-2 weeks then 2-3 weeks then 3+ all in a week. When you went for your first scan were you further on or less than expected? Thanks :-)) hope everything went well for you xxx

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