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After being fobbed off by the docs yet again, I'm thinking about giving colief a try as I've heard lots of good things about it.

Has anyone had any success with it? 

Also, I make up my bottles fresh as needed so I'm a bit unsure how to work night times? If I got up an hour before to boil the kettle, wait half an hour then make up the bottle, cool, add the drops then leave for half an hour I wouldn't be going to sleep at all. How did you work it? 

I've also the same query about being out and making up bottles.

thanks in advance for anyone who can help x


  • Heya. We had switched to aptimal comfort by the time we used it and found that it needed very hot water else it wouldn't melt properly so in that respect I guess we contravened the guidelines. I can't really help re night feeds as E wasn't having them by then. The morning bottle was always a challenge though as she woke wanting it there and then. So we left it as long as we could not always making it to 30mins.  The rest of the day though E fed like clockwork pretty much so I'd know she'd feed 3 ish hours and we followed the rule that it could keep for an hour so always made after 2 hours then knowing she'd fed before it was no good.

  • Thank you. I phoned the helpline in desperation and they said you don't actually have to wait the full 30 minutes but it won't work to the full effect. They said that if she's a slow drinker it'll probably be around the half hour mark by the time she's finishing the bottle anyways so will be getting some of the full benefit. I think I'm going to do a carton and try and hold her off for 10 minutes - we will see how loud she screams tho!

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