Colposcopy and pregnancy.

Has anyone had a colposcopy in the past, then when pregnant had to see a consultant about it. I have an apt on fri with a consultant, letter doesn't say why but the midwife thinks its due to having a colposcopy 8ish years ago. Anyone have any experience of this? Why might it be a problem? Is there anything I should be prepared for in the apt, questions they might ask etc? TIA. 


  • Seems strange as it was so long ago. Did you have treatment 8 years ago? What grade were your CIN cells? Are you still under follow up from colposcopy? I had a punch biopsy but no treatment about 6 years ago and after my 6 monthly follow ups showed nothing I was back to my practise nurse for regular yearly smears for three years then finally back to every three years. Not sure about pregnancy bit though. If you're still under review then it is less strange.

  • Nope, not under review. It was cin1 and they froze the cells. No complications, check more regularly for a few years but back to 3years now, no further issues. All a bit odd really.

  • That is strange. Ill be interested to hear why you needed to be seen as if I ever manage to get pregnant then ill know to push or not for the same appointment

  • Ill report back. ;)

  • Yes I did. Depending on type of colposcopy you might be a higher risk of premature delivery. Some women need a stitch. Pretty standard to see consultant at least once I think
  • Thanks WH. That's good to know.

  • consultant was fine. They needed to see me as they had no notes about the colposcopy because it was done in a different hospital. Once I described the treatment I'd had (cells frozen, no cone biopsy) they decided I was low risk and no need to see consultant again so all good.

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