Are this type safe? 

I might be being really thick, but surely that’s like that same as putting cot bumpers in a cot?

Am I better off with a traditional wooden one?


  • That's the crib I have. It's brilliant.

    The safety point with crib bumpers is the baby can get under it or pull it down over their face. Obviously you can't do that with the sides if this crib.

    My two were in it for 8 and 9 months each, it's a great size and I love that it can be folded and stored flat (under the bed for example)

    I'm using it again for number 3

  • We have that exact same crib too and I love it.   With regards to bumpers, as well as what LR said it is worth nothing that FSIDS (or whatever they are called now) no longer advise against the use of bumpers.

  • Thanks ladies. JB, that's interesting about the bumpers!

    I read something online about inhaling co2 in a crib without the slats, and it just freaked me out a bit! Really like the style though .

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