Morning ladies, how are we all?

I am pleased to report F got on well at nursery despite being a bit upset when I left him. Today is a day of rest for us, no plans at all! I've been getting a bit of a niggling ache/pain around my right hip, I'm hoping I just over did the hoovering or something yesterday but I guess I better keep an eye on it. Anyone else had this? 

Hi to all who follow x


  • Morning everyone. Hope you all feel OK this morning.

    WG that's great that f liked nursery. I haven't had pain in my hip but do get period type pains now and again. I think it is all the stretching happening!

    Yesterday we spoke to the midwife and she has sent off the referral to the hospital for our booking in appointment and also sent a note to the genetics midwife at the hospital, so I think she is the one that sorts out the early scan. I had tried making a doctors appointment for next week but she's fully booked of course and when I spoke to the receptionist she told me just to talk directly to the midwife, however the doc must have seen her note on the computer and I got a message that she wants to see me this morning! I can't make it though because of work so I'm expecting another appointment to be given to me later.

  • Hi bunny, sorry I didn't realised you'd posted here. There were two 1st tri threads this morning! Have you managed to get another appointment sorted for seeing the doctor?

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