Estimated Weight

had a scan today and it said baby weighs around 3lb 7oz

i am 30 weeks, does this sound big or small to you?


  • I don't really know about weights etc but my nephew was born at just over 30 weeks and he was 3lbs10oz so I assume its about right?

  • My baby app says at 28 weeks my baby will be around 2lbs 8oz so that sounds perfectly feasible! Remember Missdeedee gave birth to a 6lb baby at 35 weeks! They gain weight quickly over the last few weeks.

  • Sounds about average to me?

  • I wouldn't worry; my mw said she doesn't understand why they even mention it as they're never, ever right. I was a touch small according to the sonographer and mw went a bit mad that they'd even mentioned it. That was at 30 weeks ish I think.

  • Apparently they gain approx 1/2 lb per week from 32 weeks I think? Bearing in mind babies will be between 6 and 9lbs at birth it sounds normal to me

  • Sounds about average to me. I had a growth scan with Maya at 34 weeks and she was estimated at 5 1/2 lb. She was then estimated at 7lb 10 at 38 weeks. She was born at 41 weeks weighing 8lb 4
  • Mine was just over 4 and a half at 32 weeks

  • My first was born at 30+6 at 4lb3 but he was big. Number 2 was 6lb13 at 34 week scan! I grow massive babies though. I'd say yours is average
  • I think that sounds about right.  From the oodles of scans my sister had and the advice from the midwife, babies seem to gain most weight in the last few months.  If they didn't seem worried at the scan then try not to worry yourself, that sounds fine to me (although only based on 2 people I knows pregnancies)

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