Feeding (formula) issues

I don't believe it, I really didn't think we could be this unfortunate twice but it seems we create children with complex digestive systems.

We were using Cow & Gate little ready made bottles in hospital with no problems, switched to the powder when got home and Orla got really constipated.  Carried on with powder and cooled boiled water on advice of community midwife and it made no difference.  Ended up speaking to delivery ward midwives who said to change to ready made formula which we did and the constipation did get sorted out but she is screaming in pain after every feed and going rigid.  Very clear reflux signs when added to the constant sickness that has been going on since birth but we kept being told was just normal.

Went and bought a trial tin of the anti reflux formula that Zoe used to be on and it has sorted out the reflux problems brilliantly after just the first use but after using for 2 day she is constipated again and so screaming when trying to go.  So, tonight we are back on ready made formula which i know means I am going to get little sleep tonight.

It has been suggested that she may have a tongue tie as often this can mimic reflux symptoms and there are quite a few of the other indicators that she ticks.  I've looked at pics on line and to me it looks as though she could have quite a significant tongue tie.  Spoke to the infant feeding co-ordinator at the hospital on Friday evening and she suggested we try different teats (we have it made no difference) over the weekend and if that didn't help to call her back on Monday for her to have a look.  I am almost hoping that she does have a tongue tie, we can have it snipped, and it resolves everything rather than going back in to the cycle of reflux medication etc.  However equally I am terrified that she does need to get it snipped as it seems such a brutal thing to do because they apparently don't even use anaesthetic. 

Sorry for the waffle I just feel like I am in a total befuddle.


  • S has tongue tie, i didn't realise it could mimic reflux symptoms. As it is she's turned out to be milk intolerant and the tongue tie is not connected. We were referred to a consultant at the hospital, but she was 5 wks old by then and it was starting to stretch on its own, so we didn't have anything done. She still has a slightly heart shaped tongue, but can stick her tongue out etc. I was told that if they're feeding fine then they don't like to cut them anymore (that may just be our area though).

    Have you considered that she may have milk intolerance? The symptoms you mention also tick that box. Alternatively, have you tried a different brand of formula to see if that makes any difference? X

  • LWO, yep Zoe had CMPI so it's on the radar.  We've tried 3 different formulas too but am worried about chopping and changing too much.  We are on Aptamil ready made at the moment which seems to be slightly better than the others, bit gutted though as it is so much more expensive than C&G.

  • Hi JB. I have no experience of reflux or FF but just wanted to give my experience of TT. A was born with a 100% TT which was snipped at 3 days. We had it done privately at home as our hospital had a long waiting list to be seen and I was desperate to BF so wanted it sorted asap. A was more fussed about being held still than having the scissors in her mouth. One little cry and she was straight on the breast (still had other issues so ended up with a syringe/finger feed) and then after was absolutely fine. At 14/15 weeks it reattached at the back of her mouth (which can happen - a lot of people don't know this) and I had it snipped again. This time because she was older, I was advised to give calpol an hour before, but once again she was absolutely fine. Teeny tiny amount of blood both times.

    It's late, so the quickest info to hand is from the lady who did it, but I'm sure there's more info on the net. nursingnurture.co.uk/tongue-tie

    The BF specialist MW in hospital advised us to go private, but she said that in other countries, midwives carry scissors in their pockets and check straight after birth and treat on the spot.

  • Jb, I can't help with the reflux side of it but Isaac and Lucas had tts, L snipped at 9 days, I at 6 days. I didn't see Ls procedure but watched Is and its absolutely fine, both boys slept through it, L cried slightly when he was handed back to us but Isaac was fine. When I seem isaacs I thought omg is that I'd rather have saved the £160 and done it myself Laugh! After the tts were done both boys weren't as windy

  • You poor thing. With the formula we were advised when switching fron reasy made ti ppwder to do every other bottle for a couple of days before switching to powder by our mw as apparently changing straight over can bung them up? We had colic issues rather than reflux so can't helpthere but I'd say if any doubt get her checked out.Big hugs x

  • S had a tt which wasn't snipped till 7 weeks which was hard.  In our area they will only do it on breast fed babies so hope they are different where you are.

    No idea on formula but surprised you were ok with Aptamil but not C&G ready made as they are meant to be the same.

  • No advice on the feeding issues but TT snipping is really ok. Iris had hers done privately at 8weeks, I held her head while it was snipped.

    There was blood and she did cry but I latched her on (BF) straight away and she stopped crying immediately and by the time she had finished feeding there was no blood, she didn't even seem bothered after x

  • Well the GP has given us Gaviscon as he "doesn't know what a tongue tie looks like".  The infant feeding co-ordinator has now said she can't see us to do it because O is nnot breastfed (she did know that before but hey ho).  I basically need someone to look and tell me if she has got a tongue tie because if she has then we'll have it done privately, but getting someone to actually look seems the difficult bit.  Any ideas on the best next option, would it be a health visitor ?

  • MY HV did me a referral to Dr Whitfield in the ENT dept at York - she didn't really know masses about TT, but I'd been told J probably had it so she was happy to refer based on that and a visible heart shaped tongue. It might be worth going down that route if your HV is willing. It only took about a week from seeing the HV to getting an appt at the hospital, and they'll snip then and there if they agree to it. Alternatively there's a local bf counsellor called Caroline Bolton who knows loads about TT, I know you're not bf but she may be able to diagnose the TT - if you google her there's her number online, she might be able to help or point you in the right direction of someone who can. The nearest private place I found was milkmatters.org.uk/milk-matters-independent-baby-clinic I called them for some phone advice and they were very helpful.

    WHepburnS about the snip itself.

  • Thank you Spikey, that is really helpful.  Will pop in to see the HV on Wednesday.

  • My HV also referred us, but it was me that suggested she may have it. Considering i was having feeding problems you'd have thought she would have checked herself, but it was actually my mother who had noticed it. It took 2 wks until we were seen and on reflection I wish I'd gone privately to get her seen earlier, but as they didn't do anything I suppose it wouldn't have made any difference. My friend's baby is also tongue tied and bottle fed, but hasn't had any reflux or feeding issues, but I guess it depends on the severity. Def get in touch with your HV to ask for a referral. X

  • Sorry you're having issues again, I couldn't believe I created 2 reflux Babies either!

    Just a word of  warning, gaviscon totally bunged big S up to the point he was screaming in pain so when it was prescribed for little S I didn't use it! He's completely comfortable now on ranitidine and domperidone, wasn't quite as effective with his big brother though.

    Either way I hope you manage to get her sorted quickly

  • No advice on reflux etc but jyst echoing what everyone else said about TT - A had hers snipped at 3 weeks and while she did cry when it was cut, it was mostly just the messing about with her thay she didn't like (holding her down amd holding her mouth open. She fed straight after and seemed perfectly fine.

  • WH, I am worried about the constipation.  I've waited until we've had a few normal days after resolving the constipation caused by the Enfamil.  She seems to get bunged up very easily.    

    Thanks as well for the reassurances re tongue ties, once Zoe is at kids camp tomorrow I will make a few more phonecalls and see what we can sort out.

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