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Feeling Broody again

W will be 10 months old at the end of this month, and I am starting to get broody again.  It's not just 'oh there's a wee baby! oh! i'd love another one'.  It's actually seeing my own child that's making me feel like this.  Now i know that the timing for another right now wouldn't be the best, but we could argue that was the case the first time round too.  I'm on the pill just now, so i don't imagine anything would happen quickly if we did decide to go ahead anyway.  I haven't spoken to H about it because i know what he'll say, but i actually think it's starting to make me feel a little down.

I don't really know what the point of this post is, but i just needed to get it written down.

Sorry for rambling.


  • Oh love! No answers, but felt the need to reply. I've no idea when you had planned for a second, but would you like a small gap? Is it the shock of being back at work and missing W that's maybe making you feel like this? I don't think there's ever a fully right time, only you know if it's right for you and the family just now. You should chat to R about it, x

  • There is never a "right" time....I felt much the same as you, and I put off talking to H about it but in the end I thought at least if we talk I may get an idea of middle ground iyswim? In fact I ws pleasantly surprised in that he felt the same! We started "just seeing what happens" in Oct and I got my bfp 2nd cycle :-)

  • I feel the same and previously before I had my own baby other newborns sent my broodyometer off the scale whereas now newborns don't but seeing my own grow and change daily does.  It's nice that you and your H are back in a better place though as a couple xx

  • Thanks for replying ladies. I'm going to speak to H about it, but I know exactly what he'll say which is what makes it so hard to think about. You could be right Saffron, it could be the shock of work and having just been on holiday that's making me feel like this.

  • I haven't really got any advice lovely but hope you and H have a good chat and both feel happy with whatever you decide xxx

  • Thanks BE! We're going to have a chat tonight. Xx

  • Hope the chat goes well RKB. I found that having a plan for when to start trying helped with broody feelings, even if it wasn't for a while. I get the feeling down though, that was a huge factor for me in having #3.

  • Well I told H how I was feeling and he said he didn't want to talk about it while I was upset. He then asked if I thought I'd ever be done having children. I said I didn't know, but women do know when they're done. So I still don't know how he feels.

  • Oh lovey, are you ok? Is it the case that your H wants to wait until W is older to try for a second or was another baby not on the cards? If it's the first, what sort of timeframe is your H thinking?

    Not quite the same situ but my and my H were both quite happy that we would probably only have one baby, however after O was born, within a couple of weeks I felt completely different about things. Watching O change week by week is just amazing and all the milestones, it makes me sad to think I'll never go through any of those again. My H isn't quite there though, we had such a hard few weeks with O's milk issues that my H doesn't think he could go through all that again. No idea what will happen! Nothing anytime soon anyway, but I know we will be destined for a chat too!xx

  • Hey before I fell pg with L me and H had discussed children a lot. I had always wanted 1 and we agreed that we would have 1 has H has two other children. The reality was L was only a few weeks old and he made me feel broody again. H however was not in that place. However we eventually decided we would try discuss it when L was 2. However L is only 21 months and im sitting here feeding H. Eventually i lost the broodyness and when i accidently feel pg i was upset...although now I would not change it x Having
  • A timescale will make you feel better.
  • Well we chatted and he has said he wants another definitely, but he doesn't know when. We talked it through and we have provisionally agreed that I'll come off the pill around Ws birthday and see what happens. We are still in a very unsure place with our housing, but we're hopeful that'll be sorted soon.

  • Glad you had a chat with your H x x
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