Fever and antibiotics

J (20months) has an ear infection (probably, the hospital didn't seem 100% certain) and has been on antibiotics since Monday night. He's still spiking a fever of 40deg any time the Calpol/calprofen that we're layering wears off. I would have expected the antibiotics to have started to get the temp a bit more under control by now, as I thought they normally kicked in pretty fast. Any experience with how much longer he's likely to be fevers and miserable for? 


  • Usually they say a 5 day course of amoxicillin will start to show effects after 2-3 days. Not sure about other abx.

  • I think I'd give the GP, or hospital maybe if the prescribed the antibiotics, and run it by them. That seems like quite a few days to be having that sort of temp.
  • Thanks both, I called the doc and she said to give it another 24 hours. I never know when to bother people, didn't want to be the ridiculously overprotective mother, but didn't want to be neglectful of the littley either.

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