Flying in early pregnancy

I think I know what the answer is but I hoped you guys could give me some advice.

I had a missed miscarriage where the baby stopped growing just over 5 weeks. I flew three times in the 2WW (2 domestic flights and one 3 hour) and another 3 hour flight home at 5+1. I know this is most likely to be coincidence but I also know that cabin crew are grounded as soon as they fall pregnant. My question is that I was hoping to visit a friend in Dubai in November, but would have been 33 weeks so decided against it. Now I'm not pregnant and wondering whether we should go.

Part of me thinks that I shouldn't put my life on hold just in case I fall pregnant and that even if I was in early pregnancy by then it most likely wouldn't cause a miscarriage. But I am afraid. 

What would you do? 


  • I think it really was a sad coincidence. I flew out to vietnam when I would have been 4.5 weeks pregnant this time which involved a short flight to France, then an 11/12 hour flight to Hanoi. Whilst there over the 2.5'weeks we also did 3 internal flights (less than an hour) and a one-stop flight back via Dubai. I also went to Rejkavick when I was 17 weeks and Spain when I was 27 weeks.

    I think you can't put your life on hold. H and I were in the process of planning going travelling long-term in April 2014 had we not been pregnant by then. We planned vietnam in the meantime as I was going crazy and needed something to look forward to. As it happens we got our BFP the day before we flew out. If you put things on hold and things take a while you'll miss out. But if you do get pregnant then it will be ok travelling that distance, you just have to be sensible (drink lots of water, walk around on plane, etc). I would go, it such a great opportunity.

    I hope you don't have to wait long for your next BFP xxx

  • Also, just to say what you are thinking/feeling is normal. After our MMC I realised that around the time of implantation I went on a taster scuba diving session. It went round and round in my head for weeks that it was my fault and I'd caused it. But a) there is no way of knowing and there is no point in going round in circles as it won't get you anywhere and b) sometimes these things just happen, whether for genetic reasons or something else, but again there is no way of knowing. Its so hard to accept - I know it was for me. X

  • Hun loads of people fly in pregnancy so please don't blame yourself. I had two miscarriages before the adoption and know how heartbreaking they can be please be kind to yourself!

  • It's a coincidence, pleas don't feel like anything you did impacted upon it. From what I know cabin crew are grounded due to other factors, it's quite a hands on job and comes with the risk of violence from passengers. Someone close to me is a prison guard on a closed wing but is assigned to a desk from day one due to the (albeit rare) risk of violence. Huge hugs, it's totally normal to worry, but please don't blue a yourself. Hug

  • Thanks girls. I know logically that the flight had nothing to do with our miscarriage and I don't blame myself, I had to get home somehow!

    But I am anxious about knowingly putting myself in that position again. But I don't want to put off the holiday because if I'm not pregnant by then I would be really disappointed and wished we'd just gone for it!

  • I can completely understand why you'd be afraid, but I agree with everything Browny has said. You can't put your life on hold on the off chance that you might be pg, I did for a long time and I've recently had a total shift in my outlook and I'm now planning for a future of not being pg. If it happens, I'll deal with it, and if not then I'm not missing out. We're in the process of planning a trip to the USA over Christmas and New Year, and although we should be going for our FET cycle in September/October I'm not letting that hold us back. If it happens we're successful then that's great, and I'll probably be terrified of flying and of being so far from home. But if it doesn't work out at least we've got an amazing trip to look forward to and take our mind off things. I think you should go for it!

  • I would def go MacGirl.

    We booked a flight to Australia and went in the March just gone, we booked it 6 months before hand, with the same feelings as you. We said that if we did fall pregnant, and then we were unable to fly due to whatever, the cost of a flight was nothing compared to having a healthy baby.

    We are also planning another trip to Australia next year, and will have the same mindset.

    Billions of people fly in early pregnancy and have no problems, and sadly, if a MC is going to happen, it will happen no matter how careful you are, i know that too well.

    Like others have said, you cant put your life on hold, cause you never know what will happen, but at least you have something to look forward to if things take a little longer than you want to.

    Get on the internet and book your flight to Dubai :) x

  • Thanks again girls. I'll definitely get booked up! I know I would still be really anxious, but I would be anxious whether I flew or not I guess. At least we'll have something to look forward to!

  • Did you go and was you pregnant how did it all go? 

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