Funny little turns, 36 weeks

I had a couple of incidents recently which weren't nice. For one last week I ended up in hospital being told I was to have a lumbar puncture for meningitis. Thanks for the scare, doc!  Didn't happen though. Symptoms were: pain in neck (like a headache, but lower), breathlessness, dizzy, disorientated, high BP, wobbly, couldn't feel face properly, rash on arm, discomfort at light, going hot and bright red then cold and shivering but always without a temp change.

My bloods showed signs of a virus which didn't get diagnosed, but I'm on anti-biotics and nothing like that has occurred since.

BUT... :)  I am having these little 'turns' where I feel very light-headed, very breathless, heart is racing, feel 'hollow and woozy' (sorry for vagueness, best way to describe it!), feeling hot on the inside and I can't concentrate or can barely function. I have to stop everything and it is a real nuisance if I'm mid-meeting at work. It can happen when I am working from home on the bed, or driving or anything.

It might just be regular ol' pregnancy stuffs, but I have been doing pretty well really and don't feel ready to succumb to the idea that I am going to feel this crap every day, lol. I've 3.5 weeks of work to get through and I HATE lying in bed/staying at home so if I can work out what it might be and do something about it I'd be thrilled (it's not iron, by the way, that's all good).

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received. Thank you ladies.



  • I think you need to see the gp if you are feeling breathless and heart racing, especially so late in pregnancy, it might be nothing but no point trying to self diagnose

  • I have seen the GP, who gave me the anti-biotics but said they couldn't ascertain what the problem was. MW sent me to GP. My BP record doesn't lend itself to preeclampsia, which is great news, but leaves me confused!

  • Could it be caused by stress/over doing it at work? I know you have been worrying since you found out you were pregnant about how you were going to organise work/your mat leave/child care/going back to work etc. a lot of the things you have had to think about and plan most women have a few months after baby arrives to sort out. You've been trying to get everything arranged despite lots of unknowns. Could it be that your body is reacting to the exhaustion your brain is probably feeling? X

  • I think you should go back to the gp if it's still happening. Perhaps he'll refer you to be checked over. Better to be safe than sorry x

  • JT, that's a really fair point you make! But I don't really *feel* as though I am stressed about those things. I'm feeling very excited about meeting baby, about having part-time work through the summer, the house being finished, and - what seems key for me is - apart from an occasional night I am sleeping really well every night and that's historically the first to go usually, if I am anxious. I will bear it in mind :) x

  • Lamby

    I think you should go back to the gp if it's still happening. Perhaps he'll refer you to be checked over. Better to be safe than sorry x

    I've a form for fresh bloods to be taken at the end of this week so I'll get that done and see GP next week :)

  • they sound a bit like hypos hun,

    if your blood sugars drop thats how you feel .

  • on your blood form have they requested an HBA1C ?

  • Monnie, all the form (printed off, not the usual one I have had in the past) says is '1 Purple'. I have no clue whatsoever what a purple means!!!

  • Dr Google says purple is K-EDTA. Hmm.

  • Hope they get to the bottom of it soon x

  • counter-

    Purple coloured topped bottles

    Additive E.D.T.A

    Tests; blood count (FBC), haemoglobin, red cell folate, glandular fever screen, glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c).

    i should be a Dr !! lol

  • Ooh get you! Fanx! I may go tomorrow as it'll be day 6 of the AB's and I'm working Thurs and Fri :)

  • I had similar sounding funny turns all throughout pregnancy.  Breathlessness can be an indicator of pulminory embollism and as such I was kept in hospital 3 times, had several bizarre scans, injections 4 times a day (can't remember what they were called, the ones you have after a c-section)  and was also hooked up to a 24 hr heart monitor.  I can't believe that you have presented with similar symptoms and been dismissed, that seems so wrong.  

  • sounds like a plan ! you should have you results within a few days shouldnt you ?

    the hba1c looks at your blood sugars for i think a 3month sort of history so if you have had some hypos it might be apparent in the blood,

    when did you have your GTT ?

  • Glandular fever screen won't be taken, its not routine and there would have to be 2 purple bottles.

    Purple bottle tests for haemoglobin. (So iron levels) white cell count, so this gives an idea of any infection

    Hba1c isn't a routine test, and you need to fast if they want it, so if they haven't asked you to fast I don't think that would be tested.

    Tbh I wouldn't be waiting till next week to see the gp if you are still having symptoms

  • Ooh JB, that's a worry. I think I will definitely get those tests done sooner than later. Thanks.

  • Gawd, you ladies know a lot. Glad I asked! CP I haven't been asked to fast so you're right, i won't be tested for that.

    My MW is over tomorrow for the home birth booking, I will speak to her. She seems to think it's not pregnancy-related, all her go-to stats are fine.

  • Cp - i never fast for my hba1c i have them regularly at the diabetes clinic

  • Hi,

    I hope you get it sorted, in the meantime why don't you test out Monnie's theory if you have an episode eat some Chocolate and see of it helps.


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