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Done to death I know, but please humour me, I'm stuck!

Baby's middle name will be Lillian after my grandmother and so far I like Olivia, Charlotte and Lucy as first names, although H isn't too keen on any of them (but has failed to suggest any names of his own!)

Please inspire me!



  • We have a little boy Ethan, but before we found out the sex, we said that if we had a girl we would name her Zoe Eva

  • I love Olivia!

    We were the same, we had her middle name before her first.

    We had a French themed list but there are some others that made my short list:















    I realise a couple of these are a bit out there! Lol!


  • I have a Freya Kate, Ava Grace and Mia Jasmine. I like Olivia but think with the second name of Lillian it's a bit of a mouthful? Not sure I like Lucy Lillian either. I do like Charlotte Lillian.

    How about Sophie?

  • We had a boy but if we had a girl it was always going to be Olive (bit like Olivia!) Other names I liked were Matilda, Evelyn, Beth

  • Thanks ladies, that's some more names added to my list!

    Keanu, Eva is a lovely name, and RayeRaye I like Ava too, and Amber and Grace actually. They're all very pretty names.

    Frankie, I wondered about Olivia Lillian being a bit of a mouthful, but then how often does a middle name really get used? I suppose depending on whatever we eventually decide on as a first name, we could always shorten her second name to Lilly, which is what my grandmother went by most of the time anyway. It's so hard!

    Rose, I love the name Matilda but my old flatmate has a little girl called Matilda so it's off the cards for us unfortunately. One of the perils of having a baby after most of my friends! Olive is cute too.

    And here was me thinking that getting pregnant was the hard part, not the naming part! Lol

  • Would you consider Lilly as a middle name? Still as poignant - and very pretty - but I think it would really widen your options on two that roll together nicely. There are some beautiful names in this thread :)

  • We are going with a popular name most likely as I want Isla, but my second choice name is Eloise! Middle name is going to be Juliet as it's a family name from H's side.

  • We have a poppy Isabella. On our list for this one, had he been a she, was Scarlett, Mary, phoebe, rose, amber, Florence.....I'll come back with more!
  • This is a combined list of all the girls names we contemplated for both pregnancies












  • Mrs B you have both my first name and middle name in your list :-)

  • Lots of lovely names on this thread :) We're going for Lucy, but also considered Chloe and from your 3 I also love the name Charlotte.

  • Would you consider Lillian 'Lily' as the first name? I think it's really pretty and classic without being popular. Rolls easier into middle names as well-Lillian Grace vs Grace Lillian

  • I like both Charlotte and Olivia from your list. My daughter is Naomi Ruth and was nearly Emily.

  • I like all your names I think Charlotte Lillian is the easiest to say though. I really like the name Olive this goes well with Lillian.

  • Thanks for all of your replies ladies!

    Counter, I have thought about using just Lilly as a middle name, I suppose it's a possibility, especially if it goes better with her first name (whatever that might be!)

    Wispa, those are lovely names. Are you going to wait until she's here and then decide what suits her most?

    AR, ah Isabella is another name I like. I'd forgotten about that one! I'll pop that one on the list too.

    Mrs B, so many pretty names, thanks for those! There's a few I like there.

    Monnie, I know which first name you've picked, what's your second name going to be? Love you first name choice btw :)

    Ixia, obviously I love Lucy too, it's a lovely name :)

    Kitty, I've always wanted to call any daughter I have Lily but H has full out vetoed it. He's reluctantly agreed to Lillian as a middle name because of my grandmother. Plus I do know at least four different people with a daughter called Lily, so I suppose I couldn't really use it anymore anyway. But I have always wanted a little girl called Lily.

    Margot, thanks, I love your daughter's names together.

    Kelskii, Olive is very cute! hmmmm.

    I'm still stuck, but thanks so much for all of the inspiration and new names to think about. Hopefully H will like at least one of them!!

  • Yes, we will see which suits her best.

    Fig, have you had him make a list of his own?  Make him pick10 names he really likes and see if there's a hint on there that overlaps?

  • My H is useless at things like this. There is no way that he'll make his own list. He'll just continue to tell me that he doesn't like my choices. Helpful! lol

  • Figaro, my husband is pretty rubbish at finding names so I'll accumulate a load and then he can veto any. We agreed we needed 3 of each (boy/girl) just to stop us obsessing ha ha. That worked fairly well as a strategy. Can you get him to pick 3 he dislikes least and unless he comes up with ones of his own, that's your shortlist? I found that once we got a shortlist ones hubby wasn't super-keen initially on sort of grew on him. If I left it to him there'd only be obscure writers and psychedelic 70s musicians on the list!! :)

  • my girls are Phoebe Maisie & Matilda Alice x

  • Hiya my little girl is Ivy Imogen. Other names we liked were Mabel, Tilda, Nora.
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