Growing 'pains'

When did you ladies start to feel stretching/growing pains in your sides/tummy area?

I'm 13+3 and noticed at 13 weeks that I had a bump when trying to put my work uniform on. The last few days I've been getting cramps a bit like a pulled muscle in my side and I was wondering if this is stretching?


  • Yes I would say end of 1st Tri and then at random times, mine were always one sided xx

  • Sounds like stretching pains to me too x
  • I think I had them at about this time too, I couldn't lay on my right side without horrible stretchy pains until about 24 weeks.

  • Around the stage you are, and still getting them now.

    The ones that scared me the most were the sharp ligament pains after sneezing or coughing, ouch!

  • I get these too. Both sides, mostly a dulll ache but often a sharp twinge when I sneeze, move or turn over in bed, that quickly becomes a dull ache too - but it does make me inwardly yelp!

    My whole lower abdomen feels pretty firm and full now and it doesn't feel nice when pressed too firmly.

  • I got them from about 11 weeks and also had a really heavy feeling in my lower abdomen which freaked me out a bit. When I stood up it felt like it was pulling back down.

    Even now I'm getting random stretches and twinges, I yelped because of one at work yesterday and one of my team thought I was going into labour!

  • I got crampy/stretchy pains from the end of first tri into the beginning of 2nd tri. They now seem to be returning again as my bump stretches more!

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