happyland sets- what age? x posted on OT

On the website site says 18month, but I just wondered up to what age?

luke was never interested in small world play at that age, and recently it's still been about his train sets and vehicles. Just wondered if he was too old for happyland. he doesn't have many people based small world play sets. He has some action figures and plays with a set of numtums that came free with cbeebies magazine.


  • Zoe (similar age to Luke) has really got in to her Happyland in the last few months.  She has had it since she was around one in various forms but just didn't seem to know what to do with it.  Now it will occupy her for quite a while as she acts out scenes.

    Of course, this is particularly annoying as the reason she came across it again was that I had taken it out of the Expedit to go up into the loft to free up some space for her ever expanding collection of dolls & their accessories.

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