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Hey all well on Saturday I wasnt feeling right and realised I hadnt felt baby C move for about 3 hours, called the MLU who asked me to go in and be checked. Trace showed babys heart rate was extremely high but they had no reasoning for this, I was in alot of pain but had no symptoms of infection. So the team decided with the level of distress they should do an emergency section using a spinal block. They were fantastic and I actually remained calm! Spinal block worked wonderfully and about half an hour after signing my consent form baby c was out an squarking giving them hell. 5lbs 13 oz if diva! I was kept in until yesterday but Im feeling fab and Christie is oour pride and joy. A little bit earlier than expected but perfect in every way. Just waiting for midwife to arrive. Hope everyone is well xxxxx

oh yeah, piccie!



  • Luna, she is just adorable!! Even though things weren't straight forward for you it is lovely to read that you still had what sounds like a positive birth. Glad you and baby are both doing well. xx

  • What a spectacular photo!! Massive congratulations!

  • Hiya sam Wave it was extremely positive I felt well looked after, turned out she was tangled in her cord and that was distressing her, it was round her neck, waist and legs. Im so glad I just kept saying I dont feel right, for once I really stuck to my guns and they listened! hehe she is perect and none the worse for wear. Sad I didnt get a natural birth but I have a happy healthy baby, maybe next time ;) Thanks counter :)

  • She's beautiful. Huge congratulations x

  • Luna - she is absolutely beautiful, congrats! So glad you stuck with your guns on insisting how unwell you were.

  • Must have been scary but lovely end to the story! Congrats - She is lovely x

  • Wow congratulations Luna, she's beautiful. Sorry you didn't get your natural birth but most important thing is she's here safe and sound. Like you said, there's always next time ;)

  • congratulations! She's a cutie x

  • Thanks everyone, LP it hit me that night when I couldnt pick her up when she cried and I cried with her just how scary it was, that was probably the worst. Hubby wasnt allowed to stay the first night because I was in a post op bay with other ladies :( I felt very alone, but he was allowed in at 8am hehehe. I was also the only mum there having a full on conversation with their baby when she woke up in the night hahaha mustve sounded like a right freak hahaha x

  • Congrats! She looks very awake. Beautiful x

  • Aww, so beautiful! Congratulations! Hope you're recovering well x

  • massive congratulations to you, she is gorgeous x

  • Lovely, glad she got here safely. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations Luna, beautiful little photo xxx

  • She must have been skipping with her cord for her to get so tangled up! I really feel for you having to spend a night 'alone' without H especially after the shock of everything you went through, it sounds like you are doing perfectly though and I'm so glad you felt well looked after throughout. And well done on sticking to your guns!

  • She is lovely xxx Well done xx

  • Oh my, congratulations! What a lovely early surprise. She's gorgeous, hope your recovery is going well.

  • Congratulations! Im glad you stuck to your instincts x

  • Goodness what a shock. Congratulations - she is gorgeous :-)

  • Congratulations x

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