Help re packing hospital bag

Hi, I really need advice on what I should research/buy on what I need to pack in my hospital bag, my mind is all over the place!

Could you please provide your knowledge/experience on what is needed for the following:

1. Me

2. Baby

3. Husband 

Many thanks :)


  • Mumdrum have a list of things to pack

    When I did mine I put in a couple of pairs of PJs, some comfy lounging around clothes, slippers, flip flops for the shower area, breast pads, maternity pads, snacks, big comofy maternity knickers.

    For baby I took some cotton wool balls, nappies, 6 bodysuits and sleepsuits, a blanket, a hat and mittens and then we took the car seat to bring him home.

    I don't think I packed anything for H other than some biscuits!

    Also, take some change with you for the drinks machine and the like.

  • Pretty much the same as WG. Other essentials were Vaseline, mini hand held fan, pre made up formula if FF and I had a change of clothes for Hubby. Chargers for phone/iPad/hubby's phone and camera

  • Oh yes camera and phone charger!

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