Help!! Need advice...

Our cat is a gentle boy and puts up with a hell of a lot, but when I was out of the room earlier my toddler obviously got a little rough with him and he scratched her on the arm, it's not a big or deep scratch, although she did cry a fair bit. At first I couldn't find the scratch and assumed she'd done something else to cause her crying, it was only when I was drying her from her bath that I noticed it, I put sudocrem on it, but now I'm frightening myself stupid by googling all the horrible diseases she can catch, and a lot of  the websites are putting the fear of god into me. It may sound really paranoid but I'm really worried now, so much so that I've put her movement sensor mat back on for the first time in ages when she went to bed, do I need to take her to the Drs tomorrow or am I being a bit stupid? I'd just like to add I'm normally very careful about leaving her alone with him, I just had to do something quickly in the kitchen. Thanks for your help.


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