Hi risk pregnancy

For those of you who have or have previously had a high risk pregnancy lead by a consultant, how many weeks were you when your consultants first discussed birthing options with you?  

And what options were they? 


  • I was cons led but my pregnancy was high risk instead of labour (ha if only we had known) so my labour options were never discussed.

  • Different for me as I had a high risk twin pregnancy but birthing options were discussed all the way through, but from 29 weeks when there were some extra problems. I got to 36 weeks though

  • I think it was after the 20 week scan. There wasn't really much discussion re. birthing options as being consultant led drastically reduces your options. I'm still gutted not to have used the pool, but they will want to continuously monitor the baby, so intermittent monitoring isn't an option. Basically, the chances are if the pregnancy continues as it should and you go into labour naturally, you'll probably go into hospital as normal, but have to wear bands throughout the labour to monitor baby's heartbeat. A home-birth or birthing centre won't usually be allowed.

    If there are other complications then I guess your options, possibly early induction or C-section, will be discussed as the need arises.

  • 22 weeks. We were expecting Henry to come VERY early so from 22 weeks discussed what we thought would most likely happen. He actually went to term!

  • Due to having my first child at 27 weeks, my consultant TOLD me how I would give birth, at around 18 weeks.

    She asked if I had thought about how i would deliver (first was an emergency CS), I said no, which is when she said "you COULD have another CS, but I am putting you down for a Vbac". She was a royal pain in the a$$ though, most consultants actually discuss options properly, rather than tell you. I said I thought I'd prefer a CS, but she gave me a firm no. I didn't have the energy to argue with her, but you can fight your case.

    After she decided I would be going down the vbac route, she told me about how long I'd be allowed to labour for, what would happen if I had another prem, etc.

    Turns out, she made the right decision with the vbac, was so glad I didn't have another CS. And baby was born on his due date too.

  • I don't know if I was classed as high risk other than the psychological reasons but I had my first consultant appointment at 16 weeks.

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