How early can SPD or similar start?

As the title says really... how early can SPD affect you in pregnancy? If you had it when did you first notice it and how long after noticing problems did you seek help from midwife?

Thank you in advance!


  • From about 9 weeks with p, about 17 weeks this time. I went to see my gp who referred me to a physio.

  • Thank you for replying AutumRose. I'm 16 weeks now and getting shooting pains down my left buttock and thigh. Plus weird pains on the inside of both thighs round to my bottom. Plus pain in my hips when I'm in bed, constantly rolling from one side to another to try and spread the pain evenly!

    I've got joint problems anyway so they told me to keep an eye out. Do you think it could be beginnings of SPD?

  • The shooty thing sounds a bit like sciatica. I've had it too and I'm going to ask the mw tomo to be sure. I'll let you know what  she says. If anything!

  • Pgp which is like spd but in the back of your pelvis feels exactly like sciatica and is often mistaken as such. Sounds like a mixture of pgp and spd. Get a physio referral from ypur gp, some people find them brilliant but seems to vary by area. Mine wasnt particularly and I didnt go back this time. Try to keep up some light exercise, keep your hips and knees parallel ie when you get out the car or of sofa swing both your thughs round together. Dont cross your legs and sleep with a pillow betwee your knees. You can get support belts for your pelvis too which csn help.

  • I read that earlier AR, I wondered if thet might get confused.

    Will the mw refer me do you think or will I have to see the gp?

    Sorry to hijack PS!

  • I had to see the gp but not sure if thats the same everywhere. If youre seeing mw tomorrow its good timing to ask :-)

  • Don't apologize! I just worry I'm making a fuss over nothing or it's just linked to existing issues I've got rather than pregnancy. I think I'll give it a little while and see if anything changes. Thank you for the advice ladies :)

  • With W it started at 18 weeks and I just put up with it.

    With B it started at 8 weeks, by 18 weeks it was really bad and the thought of another 22 weeks made me speak to the midwife who said to see the GP who then referred me to physio . I'm so glad I did as she was fab. She showed me ways to stand to relieve pressure, exercises to help etc. at the time it felt like some really gently manoeuvring of my hips and legs that she did while I laid down and I felt like it would be useless as it felt like she was barely doing anything. But the next day I felt amazing, I could run upstairs!!

    Definitely worth asking for a referral

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