How many nurseries did you look at?

My current work contract is potentially going to be extended to 2015, but if it does I'll almost certainly have to go up to four days a week (from three) so I'm considering nursery for E for the fourth day.

How many nurseries did you view for your children? I've got 5 on my list at the moment, does that seem excessive? Three are in our hometown and two are in the town where H works. 


  • Just one but only really because I liked it when I saw it. If I hadn't it would have obviously been more.

  • I looked at two. Mostly because I really liked the first one (which was the one we chose) but wanted to compare it with another. If you have 5 on your list then see 5. I did like the fact that the one we chose was near to our home as opposed to near my work or G's work

  • We looked at six. All the ones that were in a practical location for us to get to.

    I think you should look at as many as you want. Then when you find the one you like you know it is the right one for you. I found they all differed so much with how they did things.

    The one I thought I really wanted before I viewed turned out to be the worst.

    Just make sure that you don't book appointments - just turn up, so you get a true impression

  • I looked at three, there are four close to me but the fourth I'd heard bad things about so ruled out straight away. I viewed the others, quickly made a decision. I don't think five is excessive tbh. Good luck!

  • I looked at 3. Would have looked at more if the 3rd hadn't been perfect for us.

  • Three of a potential six.

  • We only lookd at one, we had to find one at short notice due to family illness. I'd actually booked appts for 2 but the other choice called to say there was a vomiting bug going round. We liked the first one and didn't bother with looking at the second

  • We looked at 6, so I don't think 5 is excessive! I think you should look at as many as you like, it can't hurt can it and you want to make sure you are totally comfortable with your choice. Good luck! x

  • We ended up only looking at two, a third had hand foot and mouth and they let us come in before mentioning it after meeting us at the door and I was with a 1 year old and an obviously pregnant belly.  I was so cross they didn't mention it at the door that I left straight away and refused to go back!

    I had an idea which one I wanted and it turned out I really liked them and the other was so wrong for I so I didn't feel we needed to see more.

  • I know we are no where near this stage yet, but  we already know which one we will be using. H and I work at the same place and the have a nursery. We have a couple of friends whose children go there and they praise it so it seems like the most sensible option! Apparently a lot of people feel the same and even though the baby isnt even here yet, we've had to officially register our interest to make sure we are on the list! Crazy!

  • I only looked at one abd really liked it. Tried to make appointments to See a couple of others to compare and was less than impressed by the people I spoke to on the phone so didn't bother and just reserved his place at the one I had seen. I don't like to think about him starting though, makes me sad :(

  • We had 3 on our list chosen for geography (near H work) and on recommendation. We visited all 3.

    Go to as many as you short list though, you don't want to be left wondering if the one you didn't visit was the "perfect" one x

  • We looked at 2, both are within an 8 minute walk of our house, any others would have meant a drive to nursery, then back to the house and then walk to the train station. If I really didn't like either then I may have considered others.

  • Thanks everyone. Now I just have to find the time to see them!

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