How to stop people touching bump??

I hate it. I don't care if I am being unreasonable. My MIL actually patted it quite vigorously the othe day saying "Ooo look at you". Was sooo tempted to do the same back (she is v.fat!)

Help - what worked for you?


  • Growl?

    I don't know. I've never been touched without someone asking first. Maybe say touching makes baby move in a way that hurts you, so not to do it?

  • I just went with it. People were only being nice and I was never grabbed by a stranger or anything! If it bothers you that much I guess tell your mil or whoever but you'll probably upset and offend.

  • A swift punch on the nose?

  • Alot of people got "did I say it was OK for you to touch me?" when they took it upon themselves to touch my bump.

    I didn't like being touched, even by H.

    It got to the point, where I would hold my bag, or hands infront of my bump, so no one could touch it.

  • It depends who it is for me. I have slapped a hand away before now. Or done the same back to the toucher lol.

  • I have no idea, maybe when you see someone's hand coming close your just have to say that your sorry but it makes you uncomfortable, I am sure people will understand

  • People I didn't know I would touch them back. I got some funny looks but I didn't care. I asked family and close friends not to along with asking if there were any twinges. If they did they would be the last to know when baby was here. My sil last time was txting me every day from 39weeks asking me.

  • I stroke them back!


    Wear these?!

    I haven't had very many people try and touch my bump yet, I don't mind it overly but my H doesn't like it. Seeing MiL soon and haven't seen her since March so will see what happens then!

  • My MIL used to 'cup' m bump with both hands and blow kisses at it. To be honest, I used to want to pee with laughter so told H and FIL to watch once and then it just became an inside joke for some of us. I figure nearest and dearest is ok, I had a stranger do it on the tram once and just asked them not to touch me. Just like that. Outright. She was pretty dumbstruck but apologised and walked on.

  • custard that is brilliant hehehe. I didnt mind up until recently but with the pains Im having I have started to edge away when I notice a wandering hand reaching for my bump x

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