I don't like baby's movements

I *love* that baby is wriggling and getting hiccoughs and doing all the things you'd expect, but I don't enjoy the physical sensation and I find it weird and uncomfortable. Of course I want baby to be well and I cannot WAIT to meet him/her and care for baby and enjoy all those moments, I have loved everything about being a mum to my son. I don't feel I'm not bonded with the baby, I talk to Baxter, sing to him/her, work on the nursery, buy favourite books, buy cute clothes, have daydreams about places we'll go, things we'll do etc

I just don't like the movements. I really, really don't. I felt the same when pregnant with Harry and thought it might be different this time now I'm older but it's not. I don't really expect anyone to reply, I know it's not something you usually hear and I have seen the shocked/disapproving faces when I have confessed this to friends/family. If anything I just wanted to post so that if anyone else out there felt similar they knew they weren't the only one in the world feeling like that. :)


  • I didn't like them either.  It felt a bit creepy.  I was lucky that I had an anterior placenta both times so at least they were slightly muffled.  

  • Weirdos, both of you! ;-) Though I could happily live without being kicked in the bladder/ lady bits/ ribs.

  • i hated them. i literally felt sick and it repulsed me. i was not a fan of being pregnant even though my prgenancy was pretty easy

  • I didn't hate them but I didn't always love them either. Sometimes I loved them. Other times it did feel a bit like an alien inside me. It was a bit freaky to be lying there with my tummy exposed and then to SEE it move, I think I didn't mind the feeling so much but being able to see it from the outside was a bit strange!

    Not everyone loves the same things about pregnancy so don't worry. People always say how much they love hearing the baby's heartbeat and it is nice but I didn't care that much about it. My auntie said she cried when she heard my cousin's heartbeat at her scan but I wasn't bothered at all. I haven't got a doppler, if I did I might use it for reassurance but I'd be bored sitting there just listening to the HB.

    I loved being pregnant though and I loved having a bump more than anything. Loads of women hate their changing shape but I thought it was magical. I wore really tight figure-hugging clothing and I've never felt so beautiful in my life. Complete opposite to what most people seem to say.

  • I liked it, it used to make me smile when I was at work and I got a movement and it reminded that I was actually pregnant, but I never got past 31 weeks so don't know if they feel stronger the closer you get to term?

    It sounds like you have bonded with the baby in your own little way. I never named my bump and couldn't think past being pregnant, very different from how you talk about your pregnancy, try not to worry- everyone is different.

  • I don't mind most of them but there's times like the other night where it felt like I had a washing machine inside me and it was horrible. I've had an anterior placenta both times but this time movements are so strong they actually hurt sometimes!

  • twink

    i hated them. i literally felt sick and it repulsed me. i was not a fan of being pregnant even though my prgenancy was pretty easy

    Love this answer!

    And there's JB too, so that's 3 of us! Laugh


  • I'll join in! The big movements freak me out. I'll even go a step further and say that after I had M seeing baby bumps made me feel sick and weirdly claustrophobic.

  • I never really got movements with C, thanks to my placenta (only felt a few wiggles before he was born at 27 weeks), so I loved them with J. He was a proper mover, and I could sit and watch/feel him move for hours. I'd lay still in the bath, just so I could see the ripples around my bump, everytime he moved.

    After having a prem, then a mc, I embraced everything about my pregnancy with J.

  • You weirdos!

    I loved feeling mine moving about, I enjoyed freaking people out (especially with C who was huge and back to back so his limbs poked out everywhere at the front) by letting them touch his foot and making it move.

    I can totally understand why people don't like it though, it is like having an alien in there sometimes.

  • Sshh

     it is like having an alien in there sometimes.

    Laugh I said that at a working lunch last week and the woman opposite me gushed 'thank you! For being the first woman ever to be honest about this stuff instead of pretending its some magical. mystical period of blossoming, it's actually not all that nice, being pregnant".

    I'm pleased for those who get the fabulous experience though :)

  • Sorry, I'm a bit late replying. Counter, I felt exactly the same. E had hiccups for what seemed like half y pregnancy and it was so uncomfortable. And she was all limbs too - it felt like I had an octopus in there trying to elbow its way out! As you can see, you're not the only one who feels this way so don't beat yourself up about it - it certainly does not mean you love your baby any less!

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