Is this an issue re speech?

I can't remember with L, all lp remember is he didn't speak then he did Laugh

isaac Yaps away, some gobbledygook but on the whole we get what he means. If u say to him go get shoes/ pick up your car etc he will do it so the understanding is there. But he pronounces nearly all words with a 'g'

daggy (daddy)  gucas (Lucas) goghurt (yoghurt) gorgoise (tortoise) you get the picture! 

Owl, birdie and biscuit are said normally in a broad glasweigIan accent but everything else is 'g'.

is it daft to consider taking him back to the ENT specialist who did his tongue tie? He had it snipped at 6 days and I didn't have any trauma after that and he fully sticks out his to the but I'm wondering if this is affecting his pronunciation as the cms little boy had tt and spoke with lots of 'g' sounds. Should I just wait till the 2 year check a d see if its improved????


  • A did this, around the same age as well.  I remember us being at a holiday camp at 17m and a pub quiz had a round where every answer had to begin with G - which was fine for us as every word began with a G sound to Alex.  Then randomly words that were supposed to begin with a G he provounced with a B (Grandma became Bumma for a while).  I'm not sure when he stopped but I can't think of any words he's said since 2 beginning with G.

    So normal, and relatively short lived, for us.

  • Thanks bg. That's reassuring  I was worried it was tt related. It's all very confusing with gee (tree) and gee (tea) Weep

  • Oh and goghurt was one of the last to go.  There was a period when gock (sock) sounded very much like goghurt, which was mildly confusing.

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