It's all very head mashing!

I went for a little look in Kiddicare the other day to get some ideas and for a little look around and I had to walk out! How can the be THAT many prams/puschairs/cots/breast pumps and whatnot??  My head is frazzled with it all!  Not sure what I was expecting but it was quite a daunting experience haha


  • Hehe! I went with an expectant friend once, she knew what she wanted but I had no idea how she had come to that decision! I agree - mind boggling!

  • I completelly agree, especially in somewhere as huge as Kiddicare! The answer is lists of what you actually need/want  and recomendations! (that's where MD comes in! )

  • Thankfully a friend of mine has emailed me a list of essentials for the first few weeks so I'm going to resist the urge to lurk around large shops!

  • Seriously's mega. I thought "Oh I'll buy a bouncy chair".....There are two trillion of them ranging in price from £20-£200!!!!!! And it's the same for every piece of equipment you need. I'm exhausted and bored of it already! I've got a spreadsheet that I can email across via D13/FB if you want. I'm trying to keep it in proportion!

  • Yes sweetpea!  Will you PM it me please?!  Thanks ever so much :)

  • Yes absolutely agree! I can't count the number of times I've thought "ooh I'll go shopping today and buy things for the baby", got completely confused by everything and ended up coming home empty handed and stressed out! I am assuming that once I've given birth everything becomes magically clear, yes? Otherwise my child will be spending all his days in a box!

  • Just get a sling instead (wish I'd done that!!)

  • Ha, I remember doing the exact same thing when I was pregnant with A. You soon get your head round it, or at least can spend longer in store to make a decision at least.
  • I have an old work colleague on FB who went to the baby show last week with her mum and MIL. She had put up that her mum and MIL were very generous and between them had spent over £2500! My thought won't need the half of that- what a waste of money!

    Anyway, thinks about how you will use your pram- lots of walking or more car journeys? Play around with them etc, A baby needs somewhere to sleep - I didn't go with a moses basket, but a crib and really glad that is what I did. I then went for a cotbed rather than a cot. Another think to remember is you WILL be able to go out shopping when the baby is here so you really don't need everything at first.

  • Do you have any family or close friends who have recently had babies?  Can they offer advice?  I've gotten to where I'm emailing my sister about everything and I've been spending my days combing mumsnet reviews of anything and everything.  And then there's always mumdrum for advice (like you've already gotten), such as OB asking about what bottle brands people use.  

    I walked into Mothercare a week or so after finding out I was preggo, and I looked at all the different things, and then freaked out when someone asked if they could help me find something and ran out of the store!!

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