Jelly Baby

Why the house move love?

Exciting stuff! 


  • Moving to the village where Zoe is at school.  Not a lot comes on the market there in our price range and there are two that have just come on this week.  The chances of us getting them though are pretty slim as people are likely to be in a better position than us and grab them but keeping our fingers crossed.  We have been contemplating it for ages but I just loved our house so much, I love it a lot less now I am getting 2 children in the car twice a day 5 days a week.

    Also it means we can have a seperate office for N as he is going to be trying to work from home a bit more, and tbh we need somewhere for him to store all his paperwork.

    We'll be ending up with a smaller house (we have 4 double bedrooms, will prob only get 2 doubles and a small single) costing more money, but hey ho.  We'll be able to walk to school and live in a lovely place.

  • Fab! (After you decorated <sob>)

    Fingers crossed for you lovely x

  • I know.  Poor Zoe will have had her bedroom done 3 times !

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