Little lamb nappies leaking

The last 2 nights the bamboo LL with 'bombproof' wraps have leaked. She's been using these for months now as they come ie. Nappy, booster, liner, wrap and had no bother. Last night I put an extra booster in and it still leaked, it was at the front on her tummy. Why would this be? I'm not impressed. I've been taking care of them as recommended, she hasn't been drinking much more. She sleeps on her tummy so I was wondering if it's a compression leak but she's been sleeping like this for a while now and not had a problem. 


  • Is it all def under wrap? No liner poking out etc? Is it little lamb wraps you are using? And how wet is the nappy & boosters?

  • how old is she? could you need the next size?

  • Did it leak through the actual wrap itself (ie through the stitching) or out from the top of it?

  • Is the rise too low at the front? Does she need a bigger size.  Could you try booster between nappy and wrap?  I hated the LL wraps and use motherease now.

  • There was nothing poking out and everything was in the right place. I think the leak came out of the top as the actual nappy wrap didnt feel wet. The nappy did feel very wet though. She's nearly 6 months old and probably about 16lbs/7kgs. Do the size 1s go up to 9kg? I have some size 2s but haven't washed them yet. I will try her in a bamboozle tonight and see what happens, I prefer the fit of the bamboozles. I find the LLs quite snug, she's quite chubby so maybe I should move her up although really they should be fine still so maybe she needs even more boosting??

  • Sounds like she could be ready to size up. I don't know anyone who managed to use the LLs to the actual top weight stated! I also found with the wraps that have a label on the front in the middle, after time moisture would wick through the stitching. Easily fixed by rubbing a little Lansinoh over the stitching on the PUL side :)

  • I'd move her up a size.  There's no way M will last that long in size 1.  I agree that bamboozles are better

  • The sizes are just a guide. Every baby is different. If the nappy is soaking then eventually the pee is going to escape from somewhere. Like morph suggested we use a bamboozle at night with the pop in booster and also an additional booster between nappy & wrap (we use tb wraps or motherease) charcoal bamboo are fab boosters.

  • Ok thanks ladies, I'd better get washing the new ones then. I wouldn't have bothered buying the size 1s if I knew this would happen, she's only been using them since she was about 3 months old. Are the size 2s big enough to last until potty training does anyone know?

  • Phoebe still wears ll size 2s and she is 2yrs2m

  • I think it depends. What is A's build? E is very tall and I can't see us getting to toilet training in her LLs as they aren't very generous on the rise.  The Tots Bots Bamboozles are bigger when fully unpoppered , so we'll fare better with them!

  • We do prefer bamboozles but use them day time too so depends where on my washing cycle i am if we have to use ll

  • A is also quite tall and solid stripey. I find the LLs quite rigid whereas the bamboozles are much more stretchy so maybe she needs a bit of 'give' to accommodate the chub haha.

  • Iv found H has turned into a super wee'er lately too so this may not help! His has been coming through he label on most wraps, so iv had to add more boosting.

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