Monday 2nd Tri

Come out come out whereever you are!!

Well the sun is shining here which is definitly a mood lifter! had a fantastic weekend mixed up of socialising with a friend I have not seen for nearly a year and her daughter, children's parties and long walks with Molly whilst she rode her bike. Back to the grindstone today, boss is back from NY so expecting a busy one.

Babywise, all seems good, I have the consultant on Wednesdya morning - will be nice to know who I will be dealing with for this pregnancy.  I have been self testing for my blood sugars and have not had one high or low reading which is perfect, they are all within a good range so hoping I can avoid GD this time

Will pop back later

Nina x


  • Morning NB

    Your weekend sounds lovely and you're right the weather makes a massive difference! Waking up to blue skies never fails to put me in a good mood. Glad to hear the blood sugar levels are right where they should be, fingers crossed it stays that way!

    AFM - H had a load of mates over this weekend and I was working saturday night so I am tired. The boys all starting getting in about an hour after I finished but didn't all come in together so spent half my night answering our buzzer. Not a happy bunny. Still England beat Wales so it it was worth being tired to see the gloomy looks on their faces haha. Off to mothercare tonight to test out the pram we think we want. Hopefully we like it as it's on offer at the mo so would save us a bit!

    Hi to those that follow

  • NB - I hope the consultant meeting goes well on Wed it really sounds like it should and fingers crossed no GD for you :)

    Jonesy - Ooo have fun at Mothercare, what pram are you after?

    AFM morning all, I've been awol a bit, sorry! I really hope you all had lovely weekends :) Did I hear that CA had her new pram and being playing with it? Lovely :)

    With me I had a bit of a worrying time on Saturday I decided to wash all the floors downstairs (wood) and bought a new mop to do it, I only managed the kitchen and half the dining room and gave up nearly in tears feeling useless, I was so out of breath then H finished it off for me. I've then had brown spotting since Sat afternoon, but our little fella is punching me so much now which is great and makes me feel he is fine in there :)

    Hi to all who follow :) xx

  • Morning everyone!

    Nina - sunshine is always a mood lifter! Sounds like a lovely wkend. Sounding good for avoiding GD - good luck for Wednesday!

    Jonsey - boo to naughty boys! Gd luck pram shopping! My local mothercare closed down :(

    LeeLee - its amazing how the simple things totally knacker you when pregnant isnt it! Big point for trying and big points to your OH for stepping in. My OH has been doing all the housework for the last 4 months (op and sickness) but to be fair he works shifts and has more free time than me (my excuse & I am sticking to it lol)

    AFM - had a fab wkend in Newcastle - Fenwicks is amazing! Jack Whitehall was fabulous. Went to a tapas bar on the fri night and on the sat we went to the seaside (tyneworth?) and it was such a lovely day. Its all really very hilly for walking which didnt do my back any favours! But change of scenary, a few lie ins and some nice food did me the world of good. Very tired and straight into work today but I will sleep well tonight.

    Baby wise - I am hopeful the sickness is easing! I am massive, I have seen such a growth in the last week. Have a dentist app tomorrow and community midwife on Wed - not sure what to expect there?

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Morning all, sorry I haven't been around much but I spent last week at my mums and was kept very busy!

    Nina - glad to hear your sugar levels have been normal. Fingers crossed. I love it when its sunny - doesn't matter if its cold or not it just brightens everyone's mood!

    Jonesey - so happy England won! :) I didn't watch the game as we were travelling home when it was on but kept updated via the news. Good luck pram shopping - hope you like the pram!

    LeeLee - its amazing how tired we get isn't it? Bless your H for finishing it for you. Glad to hear he's moving around and all is good :)

    SaSaSi - glad you had a good weekend, it sounds like you had an amazing time and much needed break. Hopes work isn't too busy for you today.  Hopefully I'll start growing too now as I am a week behind you. I don't feel pregnant at the mo. I defo have a tummy but it just looks like I've eaten too many pies unless you know me and what size I should be!

    AFM: had a lovely week with my family up north. I need a rest though as  I was kept very busy! Saw lots of my nephew which was lovely - he's 2 and a half and just scrummy! We've found a house we like so have put an application in to rent it but the landlady doesn't want pets and we have a cat so hoping she'll be persuaded by a higher bond and us offering to clean the carpets when we move out. She was also considering selling the house so it depends if she decides she still does want to sell too. Other than that I didn't see anything that was right for us, so will continue looking and I'm spending the last week in March up there too so can continue the search then.

    As I said to SaSaSi - I don't really feel pregnant at the minute. I could pass for just having eaten a bit too much and with not being sick that much and not feeling any movements yet sometimes I do wonder if I am actually pregnant! Lucky I have the doppler to keep checking a baby is still in there! X

  • Morning!

    Nina, I hope you're free and clear with no GD the whole pregnancy!!  I think they should be so impressed with you.

    Jonesy, I hope the pram is great. Report back?

    LeeLee. Don't feel useless!  I've had to ask Ant for help doing loads.  I couldn't get our le creuset casserole dish out of the cupboard on Saturday night!!  Put your feet up and make peace with the fact that you might not be able to do as much as you used to.

    Sas, glad you liked Newcastle!  And my fingers are crossed for your sickness going.

    Browny, if the house was just right, I have every hope it works outbut if not I'm sure the will be something else available soon.  As for not feeling pregnant, I didn't feel pregnant at all until about 22 weeks or so!!

    AFM, another beautiful day here, got a friend coming over and we will hopefully head over to bluewater as I've decided I need to do a bit of baby or hospital bag shopping and it would be nice to have a lovely bite for lunch, too.  I downloaded the count the kicks app yesterday, but wondering what time of day is best to keep track as baby seems so sporadic!

  • Morning all.

    Nina - glad you had such a great weekend! Crossing my fingers for you re: the GD but it all sounds positive.

    Jonesy - oh no, should have made H get the buzzer!! Boys haha. Hope you enjoy pram shopping!

    LeeLee - sorry to hear about the spotting/tiredness but I'm pleased baby is kicking away. Definitely get your H to help out more and you put your feet up!

    SaSaSi - ahhh pleased to hear you enjoyed Newcastle. 'Community midwife' sounds like your 16-week check - they might talk through your blood results (if you've not heard anything yet it's likely all clear and you don't have syphilis, HIV or whatever else they test for!), check your wee and blood pressure, discuss how you're feeling and some areas will get the Doppler out and listen to the heartbeat.

    Browny - hope the house does work out, you have offered more security so she might be willing. Fingers crossed, let us know!

    Wispa - sounds like a lovely day planned, have fun!

    AFM been up half the night with a poorly boy, his breathing is really raspy and he sounds like a seal when he coughs. Kept stopping and 'holding' his breath in his sleep so I was up making sure he restarted! Got an appt at the docs this morning so hopefully they'll have a listen to his chest and give him something to help him. He's mostly fine in himself but keeps having little listless phases of just sitting in my lap... very unlike him! Baby-wise I seem to be really sprouting a bump now and I'm sure I've felt kicks once or twice which is lovely.

  • leelee - I would take that as your que to slow down! I keep getting annoyed that small things knacker me out but I guess it's to be expected and you shouldn't feel useless! Good on your H for stepping up. We are looking at the Xpedior. I don't know anyone who has one but the reviews seem ok and its a good price.

    Sasasi - glad you had a fab time oop north.Community midwife sounds like 16 wks like Saisi said. Heartbeat is checked as well as all the ususal stuff.

    Browny - ooo fingers crossed you get the house! Very exciting. Are you doing much this week or resting after being so busy?

    Wispa - enjoy bluewater! A bit exciting/scary that you've started to think about you're hospital bag! When do babies settle into a sleeping routine? Or does this maybe indicate that yours will be a sporadic sleeper??

    Saisi - oh no I hope A is ok and he gets some meds that help with his breathing. That doesn't sound fun. Lovely that you've felt some kicks though. I'm getting impatient to feel more than my one potential kick!

  • Wispa - sounds like a lovely day you have planned!

    Saisi - Hope the doctors can give him something and he feels better soon. Great that you've felt kicks already!

    Jonesey - not much planned, other than dentist on wed and 16-week MW appointment on thurs. I've caught a cold from my nephew so not doing much today if anything! I really hope it goes soon as I'd like to make a start on sorting the house out but I'm exhausted just putting the washing in so don't think I can tackle that until I'm over the cold! H is working from home today so it's nice to have some company. X

  • Nina - sounds like you had a good weekend.  I'll have fingers crossed for you with your appointment on Wednesday.

    Jonesy - how exciting going to look at prams tonight.  Which one are you going to see??

    LeeLee - Sounds like you're trying to do too much.  Good that the little man is punching and kicking away though so he must be ok.  Take it easy.

    SaSaSi - glad you had such a fab weekend and also glad that the sickness appears to be easing.  Long may that continue!!!!

    Browny - Sounds like you had a lovely weekend too.   fingers crossed for the house!!!!!  I still have times where I don't feel pregnant so don't worry about that!!!

    Wispa - hope you have a lovely day shopping and lunching.  Can't help with the kick counter although my mw said at my last appointment that they don't ask you to count kicks or movement any more but just be switched onto the baby's pattern of movement and let them know if anything changes.

    Saisi - Hope your boy is feeling a bit better now.  Lovely to be feeling those kicks!!!!

    AFM  - I've got a day off today.  Put my car in for its MOT this morning and it passed.  Can't believe it but I'm pleased. I should pick up the new car a week on Friday so I'm really glad my current one hasn't cost me a fortune.  fingers crossed nothing goes wrong in the next couple of weeks!!!!

    Babywise I'm feeling a lot more movement yesterday and today.  Not sure if thats normal for this stage but it is nice.  I got woken at 5am with the baby having a party for half an hour then it when all quiet.

    Today I'm doing some housework.  Currently ironing (well currently I'm on MD actually but I'm in the middle of ironing).  I'm changing the bed too and will get some washing hung out because the weather looks relatively ok at the moment here.

    Happy Monday everyone xxx

  • Browny - sounds like a lovely wkend - the right house will come along for you both! I havnt dared to purchase a doppler, I think I would drive myself mad with it.

    Wispa - enjoy lunch & shopping!

    Saisi - hope the doctors goes well, poor wee man :( Yea to feeling kicks! Thanks for midwife advice, that sounds about right as I am 16 weeks.

    Candy Apple - Happy days re MOT :) Very exciting getting the new car too! Enjoy the housework, there is nothing as nice as fresh bed clothes.

  • SaSaSi - you aren't wrong about not being able to do too much :( it's frustrating but understandable considering what our bodies are going through, I think I read at this stage my heart and lungs are working 50% harder because of the baby :) Haha your H sounds great :) Sounds like you had an amazing time in Newcastle and what a busy time too, good to hear the sickness is easing up.

    Browny - my H wasn't too happy to start with then he just got on with it haha, there was no way I was moving furniture around anyway so he was needed for that, but he did finish the floors :) Brill about the house, I hope the landlady accepts! Don't worry too much about the lack of movement believe me they soon ramp up, I didn't really feel mine until I was around 20 wks and then the last few weeks, he's a mover haha.

    wispa - you are right we should take it easier and good on Ant for being caring and understanding :) Have fun at Bluewater :) let us know if you get any nice goodies hehe. What's the 'count the kicks' app about?

    Saisi - how worrying for you with A, I hope he starts to feel better and hope the Dr is good with him and offers good advice. Great about the movements :)

    Jonesy - haven't heard about the Xpedior - think I'll have a Google nosy haha ;-)

    CA - it sounds as if you have a busy day, try not to overdo it like me! Superb news about the car passing it's MOT ours is in on Sat eek!


  • Oh god, I hope it doesn't mean baby will be a sporadic sleeper.  I think because of the anterior placenta I don't feel the kicks as much, so I don't always notice unless I'm paying attention, so I don't know if baby is kicking more or less than usual throughout the day.  So, I downloaded the app so I could at least have 10 minutes a day at the same time paying attention.  I've had days of thinking I've barely felt anything at all, then sometimes it seems like baby is really active, but I've not recognised a pattern yet, which makes me nervous.  And as for the hospital bag, someone scared me the other day into thinking about it.  I was planning to look at maternity nighties, but didn't get around to it.  Instead just played with prams in John Lewis and bought an adorable outfit for baby from h&m!

    Saisi, how is A?  

    CA, I hope you've enjoyed your day off, and good news re the mot.  

  • Hello!  Sorry I've not been about today, I've been feeling rotten.

    NB I'm glad you had such a fab weekend and I hope today wasn't too bd in the end.  Good luck for wednesday.

    Jonesy enjoy looking at the pram and make sure to report back to us.

    LL you need to take it easy.  I've found even doing small things like hoovering much harder these days.

    sas glad you had such a  lovely weekend too, maybe the chafe has done you some good.

    Browny I hope you get the house, it sounds like you've offered them a good deal.

    Wispa flash us your outfit?

    Saisi how was the doctors?  I hope A is feeling a bit better now.

    Ca you sound a saint ironing on your day off, I hate ironing so much!  Glad baby is moving about so much but tell them to do it at a more sociable hour!

    AFM-  well my tummy is well and truly unhappy.  Been to the doctor this morning, she's had a feel of my tummy and said my uterus feels ok, checked my blood pressure and asked for a stool sample- sorry tmi! She reckons it's probably just a virus and nothing to be too concerned about as long as i don't feel any worse. Rubbish way to waste a days holiday though!

    In other less horrible news, happy feet had been active despite all of this!  WE ordered a combed and mattress yesterday from the baby show too which should be delivered in about 4-6 weeks. Also bough some zip up swaddle blankets, the ones that are supposed to be a safer way of swaddling.

  • CA - glad the car passed, what a relief! Hope you enjoy the fresh bedsheets tonight!

    Wispa don't worry there won't be a 'pattern' necessarily, and it won't mean anything sleep-wise even if there is. A never had a pattern and although he did wake frequently at night it was only to feed, he seemed to sort day from night quite early. He isn't much better unfortunately :( My mum's come round (she's a GP) and is trying to get fluids in but he won't take any! But he should be ok, just got to keep an eye on him.

  • Missed you Imp, hope you feel better soon :(

  • imp, so sorry true not feeling well. Especially on a days holiday!  But exciting about the cotbed and swaddles.

    the baby outfits in h&m are really great value, and they do European sizes, so 0-1, 1-2, 2-4, etc.  same as polarn o pyret, but I've just compared the onesie from this outfit to the pop ones and h&m size 1-2 month is the same as pop 0-1 month!  Here's the outfit:

  • Saisi, missed you.  Sorry A isn't any better.. But at least your mom is around.  I'm worried I'm going to hyper vigilant about breathing as I'm worried about asthma in the baby, and I was in and out of ICU a lot my first couple years because of it and don't know how my mom coped.  Obviously a bit different to yours and A's situation, but just reading your description made me think of it.

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