Monnie HELP Diabetes home kit!

Morning matey :)

Can you please help? I've got the diabetes home test kit but can't get the meter to read the strip with the blood sample on it! I've tried putting it in both ways but it's not working! I feel like crying as now I'm too late taking my first reading, if you can help that would be great :)

Thanks so much :) xx


  • What machine do you have? With mine I don't touch anything or turn it on, I pop the strip in and it turns itself on, then it says ready and you put the blood on the edge of the strip, and it bleeps to let you know there's enough blood. And it should then give a reading. Then you can take out the strip and it should go off again automatically?

  • Are you on facebook leelee, if I give you my name add me and I'll remove my name again later if you want?

  • Monnie, thanks for replying :) My kit is the Freestyle InsuLinx.

    Yep I'm on FB, you can let me have your details and I'll try and find you, if that helps or you can let me have your name, are you easy to find haha? My initials are LW :)

  • Leelee, Monnie hasn't got any reception now. Can you add me instead? I'm removed.. Please let me know when you've seen it, I'll remove my name.,

  • Not monnie obviously but just checking your not putting your blood sample on the strip and then putting it in the machine. That's a common thing for me to see people doing. X

  • Hi ya Imp I've just sneakily added you :) thanks so much everyone! xx

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