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H and I have started talking about doing something to celebrate E's arrival. We would like to have a little party but would also like to add a little informal 'ceremony' aspect to it. We would also like to have a couple of guardians so want to incorporate them.
I know Blackkat & bluewater did something similar and may have a script that was used?
Just wondered if those who did something similar could share what they did.


  • I posted for something like this a while back, would love to see something along the lines of a script. Think we'd like to do something in September. :)

  • I've got a busy afternoon (not quite up to date with my marking for tonight's parents evenings!!) but will come back to this thread tomorrow to share details of what we did. I'm happy to email you a script of what we said as well (borrowed lots from the internet!!).

  • Blackkat, that would be brilliant, thank you!
  • Just bumping this for anyone who had a naming ceremony and wouldn't mind sharing what they did!
  • OMG, I completely forget & am at the inlaws until tomorrow afternoon (was sprung on me :-( ) so don't have it with me.

    Can you bump it for again for me tomorrow? Sorry to be a pain x

  • That's fine, not to worry!!
  • As requested, bumping for Blackkat!
  • Fab, thanks for the bump. Will look it up now for you x

  • So basically my hubby is an atheist so I knew a christening wouldn't be something he would be comfortable with. I googled and found that you can hire a registrar to host a ceremony for you but my friend's mil told me (at her hen do) that it's not worth paying a registrar to do it as it's not a legal ceremony & was, "A licence for them to print money" so I decided to put 1 together myself. Here's the basic format that we did:

    Introduction: welcoming everyone & sharing our purpose for doing the ceremony

    A naming ceremony’s purpose is to officially give a baby their name and to make the name known to all her friends and family. A naming ceremony has an extended purpose of presenting the baby to her community and to celebrate the arrival of a new person in that community. We all share in the joy of Isobelle’s arrival – just as we all share the responsibility of shaping her as a person. Isobelle needs everyone’s good and caring influence as we offer her our love, our knowledge and our wisdom. The more people to whom she relates, the more balanced and rich her growth will be. So your presence at this celebration today is appreciated, as will be your interest and involvement in the years ahead.

    An explanation of her name: The meaning of her name & why we chose it (she's named after my sil who died shortly after I met my hubby)

    Promises for Parents: We wrote promises, similar to those at a wedding, to look after her & help her to grow & develop & be independent.

    Promises for Guardians: We choose guardians (rather than god parents) to also repeat similar promises to guide our daughter.

    We then had a short break where we made sand candles. Basically I had 2 glass fish bowl/candles. 1 was engraved with parents & guardian names & one with grandparents & other close family and each person picked a coloured sand & we poured them into the pots so that the colours all merged together to symbolise us all coming together to bring her up. A bit corny but I still stick by it!

    Promises for Everyone: We then ha

  • Blackkat that is brilliant, thank you so much for sharing, did you leave the guardians to write their own promises? Also, how many did you have?
    would love to know which poems you used my email address is
    thank you!!
  • Mrs Bass - an email is (hopefully) winging it's way to you with the whole script so feel free to remove your email from here if you wish. Just realised I misread your reply. I came up with the promises (it was the poems I gave them choice on) but they knew in advance so I'm sure they'd have said if there was anything else they wanted included. Any other questions please let me know, BK x

  • Received, thank you!

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