Newborn photoshoot. Did you? Why?

I love this idea, I was stony, stony broke when I had my boy and there was no money for extras. I would love to have some photos done, and if I could get a good one of my son, the baby and my dog. Well, I'd be on cloud nine!

We have some friends we stay with who have studio shots of their kids in every room, quite large, even the bathroom. Yes. You can't eat, sleep or wee without them staring at you! Hubby and I think it's hilarious and make private jokes about their photographer on the payroll, etc. Now I have suggested a shoot I think he thinks I'll be just as bad. Which I won't be. Of course. No way... ;)

Did you have any done?


  • We have some and I love them but they aren't plastered on every wall. We have a few little ones in the living room in a big multi frame of various pictures and a couple inthe bedroom but most are on the computer to be honest. I love photos and am glad I have them, although my favourite ones were actually done by a friend with a fancy camera in a corner of our living room in front of a white bed sheet!!

  • Yes, because my mum never had pictures of us and I was always really sad about it.  We use Amanda V (used to be with Whitebox Photography) so pay about £40 for a 15 min session and then get to keep all the prints.  In Zoe's first year we had them done every 3 mths, then moved to every 6 mths as she got older.  Now Orla is here we will be having them done every 3 mths again.  I love having nice pics of the girls, and it is also nice to have them of the whole family and that is the only time we get then.  H has an exceptional ability to take really bad photos so there are never any of me and the girls unless we get someone else to take them.

  • A-ha...!

    Believe it or not, I didn't have any of mine. Well I had one of E done by Bounty in the hospital which made her look like "a boxer" according to the photographer (!!) then the boys were born at home so I didn't have that opportunity. After C came along I had some photos done by a fabulous photographer who came to my house when he was around 3 months old. I'd really wanted some of him when he was newborn but I left it too late to book and she couldn't fit me in until then. They are lovely photos but 3 months isn't newborn, so I missed the window. Pity I caught the photography bug after I was done having kids really!

    Now I see (and take) photos of newborns I'd have dearly love some of mine as the curled up tiny little bundles of love they were right at the start, if only for me to refer back to when I'm treading on their broken lego or nagging them to brush their teeth for the 20th time. And I only have the one client who books me every quarter. I've been to her house and she does have a few canvases in the kitchen and lounge but I can confirm there are none in the toilet...yet.

  • we don't have any of Luke for obvious reasons, but my SIL is like the friends that you describe. Her lounge (and my MIL's, but that's another story...) are like shrines to their two girls. She has massive photos of them as newborns, in Christening outfits and big family portraits. they are nice shots but the size freaks me out. Their heads are bigger than life size and make them look a bit odd, like their eyes are following you.

    I love the newborn photo shoots where the baby is asleep like in the bethapan cream TV advertisements, and if Luke hadn't had been so poorly and our priorities different then I would have loved one of these.

  • We had some done of E and I absolutely treasure them. However your post has just made me realise I don't have a single photo of Epup in the house! However I've booked a first birthday session and will do so for each year after too.  I just love photos of her.

  • When pregnant with W I never planned to, I assumed it was expensive so never even looked into it. But we got a fab deal on groupon for £29 for six sessions- bump, newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, and print from each and a DVD slide show of all the pictures.

    It was brilliant and the studio are doing the same offer again directly with them so I'm planning to do it again this time for #2 ( must ring up and book my bump shoot since I've only got two weeks left until ELCS!)

    I would definately recommend it if you can find one at a decent price. The photos we have are far better than we could have taken ourselves

  • My H is a photographer so are really lucky in that all our 'snaps' look professional! However as a result you'd think we'd have photoshoot type photos, but we don't as we just didn't get around to setting his equipment up at home until E's first birthday when i insisted as we hadn't had any! It was only cos H's niece arrived a few weeks before and he'd set it up to take photos for them that I *gently* reminded him that his son needed photos taking. Before my head exploded Laugh

  • We did some at 12 weeks and I couldn't find a photographer who I wanted to use until then and I'm so sad I don't have professional tiny baby pics. I was booked to take him at 10 days old to a freebie session (date couldn't be rearranged) but he didn't come home until 8 days old so wasn't prepared to then spend half a day in front of a camera as I had an emcs so was in agony anyway.

  • Yes we did, they're not squishy for very long and I love my photos of him. I only have one up, on the sideboard.

  • Yup we did, we took her at 11 days old I think and the photos are in the album excepton if the three if us that's in the living room and one of just her in the dining room. I will do the same again this time as they are so nice to look back at. Won't be putting any in the bathroom though!

  • I got the Bounty ones done first time and she is blotchy and squished (forceps delivery). I don't have them up anywhere. L didn't get the Bounty photos as we were in and out quickly. Again he was a wrinkly wee old man looking newborn so I probably wouldn't use them anyway!

    This time round I may get some done of the three children together. My friend is a photographer -  and she has taken all our photos so I would use her.

  • This thread made me have a quick google, now I'm thinking I'd love to get some done, I blame you Counter! Just been looking at ones around Essex and they seem really expensive, not sure if I'm looking at the wrong people! Would love any recommendations if anyone has any.

  • A MD friend has a H who is Essex way.  I keep adoring his photos but they are literally the opposite end of the country to me.  Put "Chris Gilbert photography" into Facebook.

  • I have done both times, M's were done only a few days ago. They change so quickly that I'm glad I had A's done and I'm sure I'll be at least a pleased with M's. One reason I really wanted them done this time round was because I'm never in the photos, I'm always the other side of the camera or getting rubbish selfies of me and the kids on an iPhone.

    Since I had A's photos done my interest and appreciation of photography has grown massively and whilst I can take a better photo now than I could a few years ago I'm nowhere near the standard professionals achieve.

  • Flossy...I am LM's MD friend and I can confirm we are Essex based (Canvey) and Chris is v reasonable, brings everything to you.

    We have a few H took on day 1, day 9 and 10 weeks as well as special occasions (xmas cards pics, birthday etc)but I can safely say despite having a photographer H we have not capitalised on it like we should have! This is now being rectified and will def be making the most of him for any other squishy babies we may have x

  • Just popping in (insomnia) and saw this - I'm an Essex based photographer (though no use to you now as I won't be doing any more shoots till next April!) <waves at BG>.

    I have no 'pro' shots of my eldest children at newborn, though I did have the lovely Lyanne Wylde do M when he was 6w (he spent the first 3w in NICU). This time I'll do my own because now I have the skills, including having undertaken safety training in terms of newborn posing.

    A few things to think about if you're planning to book - firstly, can you get booked in nice and early? Many popular photographers are booked up by the time you hit your third tri, so if you have your heart set on one then book early.

    Think about whether you'll want a studio look or something more relaxed in your home. Newborn scrunchiness lasts up to 2w so that's the timeframe you're going for. If you want to visit a studio and you've had a c-section, can you get there? Do you have the time set aside for childcare for other children if necessary? Newborn sessions can often take 4h as they are very relaxed and baby-led! I'd be wary of anyone who says they can do one in a very short space of time!

    Price is a consideration. You're talking to a photographer whose baby cars seats have ALL expired so we're spending out a lot at the moment for this little one, so I understand the idea of spending a lot is scary.

    However quite honestly I would price it according to the quality of the images and the SAFETY of the child. There are some great places out there at most price ranges, however you only get this time once and you need to understand you will generally get what you pay for in terms of images and safe posing of baby.

    Perhaps look at the BANP site for recommendations of newborn photographers in your area who have all undertaken recognised training in safe posing of babies. What is often not clear from glossy portfolios is that many shots are composite shots finished in photoshop, particularly where baby is lying in or around props or has any kind of strong pose to the image (e.g. head in hands). Your photographer simply must know how to soothe a baby, pose safely, transition between poses, and make you feel comfortable about all those things. Your photographer must also be fully insured.

    It's not simply enough for your photographer to be a parent themselves, even if that has given me baby whisperer skills on occasion...!

    That's my advice anyway if you are spending money on pro shots - make sure you get maximum value by doing some research beforehand and above all satisfy yourself with regards to safety :)

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