Night lights.

Do I need one? 

I've been looking online and seen a few types, basic lights, the ones that make pretty patterns on the ceiling. Would I be making a rod for my own back choosing something that is distracting for baby? Am I making any sense?! Ha!

What do you have?

Thanks :)


  • I got a cloud b turtle that projects stars (they don't move) and I can't use it right now as he then looks at them and gets all excited instead of sleeping and plus if I'm trying to feed he is too distracted by them. I use the Angelcare monitor light which is excellent or an ikea star wall light for a subtle light but bright enough to still read a book for when he is older. I tried plug in night lights but they didn't give enough light to see anything.

  • Thanks TP, that's just the sort of experience I was looking for! X

  • We don't have one, I have a Lumie light which I used to use when he was small enough that we needed to do nappy changes in the night. Now the glow it gives off from the time display is enough to see by, I can see enough to feed him.

  • I bought a pack of 2 from mother are and they were crapola. Didn't light anything up, not even slightly. Tbh I left the landing light on and door ajar a tiny bit when he was in my room. Now he likes it dark in his, and there's no way he'd sleep with a projector light going on

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