No cravings?

I want/have wanted - at various times - pastry foods because it helped with nausea, but no cravings at all. Nothing.

Anyone else not crave anything?


  • Me, no cravings...simply replaced wine with chocolate! ;-)

  • Me neither really. Everyone keeps asking if I have...kind of feel like I should make up something just to be interesting!

    I've developed a sweet tooth, but nothing specific.

  • Other than food - lots of it! - and especially cake, I had no specific cravings with any of my three.

  • I never had cravings, only aversions to lots of foods.x
  • I didn't have any cravings I just wanted to eat certain things (like chocolate & drink lots of milk) but it was more like an excuse to eat all the things I wanted to eat. This time round it's more that the thought of some food makes me feel sick!

  • Like PW I didn't get cravings but lots of aversions! Even now he is 6 months and I can't stand the smell of roast chicken!

  • I didn't have any specific cravings with my two, just ate lots and lots! They were both summer babies, so lots of ice lollies and cold drinks but I think that was due to the weather more than anything,

  • None for me either, just eating little and often at start, but even that's fading now.

  • I didn't have any and everyone kept asking 'any weird cravings?' i think i kept disappointing people with my boring pregnancy!!
  • I could do you a list of aversions as long as my arm, but no specific cravings. I have developed a sweet tooth in the 3rd tri, but I've always had a sweet tooth. In the 1st and 2nd tri I couldn't touch chocolate or sweet things, so I think it might just be me trying to catch back up lol.

  • I didn't have any cravings or aversions really. Not much went down anyway with the morning sickness, but once that passed, anything and everything went. My appetite went through the roof, I was such a pig! I remember at Christmas dinner when I must have been about 30 weeks, I polished of a huuuuge dinner, 2 big servings of chocolate pudding and was asking for more food about an hour later. I loved it, it was amazing!

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