Oh dear, should we leave toilet training for a while....

or now try the potty?

A is almost 27 months and when she was around 22 months she showed an interest in the toilet and seemed ready for training.  We held back and delayed it though as we were going abroad on holiday so decided to start trying a while after we got back, just after her 2nd bday.  Now she seems not interested....I think we might have missed the boat! 

We have tried her wearing knickers and she had an accident which was fine.  But since then she hasn't wanted to wear knickers and demands a nappy.  We have been sitting her on her special toilet seat.  She was nervous about the seat at first but we looked at it together and even decorated it in pretty stickers together!  She now sits for a short period on it each evening before her bath but doesn't "do" anything and isn't overly keen.  She won't go on it at all during the day.

What would you do?  Continue trying with the toilet seat?  Try a potty?  Or just leave it altogether for now.....

She starts preschool in 3 weeks and I was hoping to get her started but don't want to push it if she's not ready.  

Pls help! 


  • 27 months is still really young. Most children I know who are PTing are 30+ months.

    Plus you might find preschool inspires her - M started as she was watching the older ones at preschool weeing on the toilet.

  • I wouldn't push it.  She's still only young.  Perhaps just have the potty about the house, and if she wants to go on it let her, if not don't force the issue.  We've had the potty about in the lounge since christmas, and it's only this last week that she's started using it properly and going on it without us prompting her.  E is 2.5 years old.

  • Don't push her. We had a potty around for J to get used to. We never made a fuss of it, and one day, he just decided to use it.

    She'll do it in her own time, don't worry. All kids are different with potty training. C was 3.5yrs, J was 25 months.

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